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Water breaking question....please i need some opinions..

Ok im not sure if my water partially broke or not....but i had an appontment thursday morning at 8:30am and found out i was 1cm dialted,80% effaced and +1 station. 2 weeks ago i was 0 dialtion/50% effaced and 0 station. Anyways, that day i had lots of clear dishcarge i had to chnage my panties (im sure not amniotic)  but it lasted the whole day, the next night at work (everytime i work cause my job requires a bit of labor i get contractions which is why i think im prgrossing so quickly) That night (friday/yesterday) at 10pm i started having cramps that werent painful but prety uncomfortable and alot more discharge also not alot but a good amount of mucusy (stringy like) discharge which i assume resembles a plug, it was kinda brown. No red streaks or anything. I wasnt sure if it was from the exam the previous morning. Maybe even the Jelly, i dunno. It didnt do that before....Cramped the rest of the night and about 2am i went to pee and thought i finished peeing when i felt a pop and more liquid pour out, it sounded like i was peeing but the odd thing is it felt like it was comming from my vaginal area and when i tried to stop the flow (if it was pee) i couldnt, it didnt feel rigth. I swear i was done peeing. But the thing is it wasnt a TON of water maybe like a small cofee cup or less. But no trickle or constant flow afterwards. When i stuck my finger a tad in to feel inside about an hour later it felt watery. So i read some woman can partially break there water but not all the way then the doc most likely has to finish it. Any ideas???? Im so confused. It would do it when i was peeoing to leave me clueless..... im 37 1/2 weeks preggo.. Thanks! I plan on going to L&D but just wanted your opinion before hand.
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My water never broke with my son, so I don't have a whole lot of advice on this, but if it were me, I would definitely call the doc or go to L&D just to be on the safe side. Are your contractions picking up at all?
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Almost the exact same thing happened to me with my last pregnancy. I went potty in the middle of the night and stood up and about a cup of liquid ran down my leg. I KNEW it wasn't urine...when I tightened my muscles, I couldn't stop it. So I went to the hospital and they did that strip test, and it tested negative for amniotic fluid. Okay, whatever. So I went home. Saw the MD the next morning for a regular appointment and he said my water hadn't broken...as I stood up to leave I GUSHED on the floor. He sent me over to the hospital, where AGAIN I tested negative for amniotic fluid. They called the doc, who said hey, I SAW it, I know her water broke, and he ordered an ultrasound. They found there was almost no fluid left! Thank GOD that happened in front of the doctor - the hospital was about to send me home again. Anyway...long story...but it sounds to me like your water is leaking. Definately go to the hospital. If you lose anymore water, ask them to do an ultrasound to check the fluid level. GOOD LUCK!

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My first son, my waters were leaking for a week, then the Dr's had to "finish" the job. My second I dialated all the way to 7 before I made it to the hospital, and my water never did break, So I can't be of much help, but I hope this is it for you, and you get to meet your little bundle real soon! Keep us posted.
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It very well sound like you water may have broken.  One thing to try is to lie down wearing a pad and then check it before and then after you stand up - AF tends to leak a little more when you stand.

In any case, you are doing the right thing by going to L&D to get checked out. If your water has broken, its important to deliver within 24h to prevent infection from setting in.
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Your water can break and then reseal itself, mine did in the middle of labor. I would contact your doctor since it does seem like thats what is happening.
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My ob said that you need to go to L&D within an hour after your water breaks because infection can set in...I would call L&D or go because it does sound like your water broke.  The baby's head could be what sealed it off from leaking more...Good luck!
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Ok well i went to the L&D and tested neg i guess....i dont get it. I felt a pop and a gush came out but I didnt go to the hospital until the next evening. He is +1 so hes way down there. Could his head be possibly blocking the flow? Or i could of partially tore? It *****, because there not much they will do unless i test positive. I dont want to get infected or my child. So I guess i will just have to wait it out i suppose. Thanks for your comments and opinion guys!
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if it happens again, i'd insist on an ultrasound
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