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When and what brand to test with?

Hey everyone... well... I am due for my period on july 7, and I broke down and tested yesterday. It was a BFN. I used answer brand hpt. I was wondering if I tested to early maybe... and when and if I do test again... should I use any certain brand. Has anyone used the answer hpts? Thanks in advance!!
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It was too early to detect pregnancy especially in a home pregnancy test. I used First Response with my oldest child. I took this once I missed my period and it said negative and then a few days later it showed positive. It all depends on your body. I would at least say wait until after July 7th before you test. Best of luck!
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Thanks for responding... I am terrible at waiting!! LOL...anyway I will definately wait until next week to test again...and I will try the First Response and hope and pray to see a BFP. Again...thanks for your time!!
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I used clear blue easy digital and I was 1 day late with my af and I got "pregnant".  I would only use digital because there is no guessing with that one.  Good luck and sticky baby dust to you.
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i used clear blue digitals as well and got a big PREGNANT with under 25 levels of hcg, so they are very sensitive tests.  i also got a 5 pack from wal-mart for 18 dollars which is fairly  cheap.  Good luck.  by the way, i tested positive 9 days after O which is early and that's the brand i used.
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wow...thank you both for recommending those. I feel like I could be pregnant... but I am just not sure if its just me hoping I am. Lots of luck to both of you if have or are ttc! I will go and get some tonight.. and I will keep you updated!!
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feeling your suffering! I took a FRER on Saturday (2 actually) and got faint positives. THen the next day all were negative (different brands). Yesterday I took the cheap dollar store ones and one was confusing b/c there was red highlights(smears) where the test line should be and the next one the same thing. Tested with water on one to see what it would do and no smears....

the agonzing wait is torture!
What are your symptoms (i'm due for AF around 7/7 or 7/15..not sure b/c of progesterone cream)
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i would take a digital they come highly recommended. i wish you the best of luck and lots of extrs sticky baby dust to you :)
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well...i have been cramping... a little sick to my stomach every now and then... weird cravings for pickles...of all things lol.. extremely tired, and bbs are a little sore. But this all could be pms also!! ahhh!! i hate the waiting...what about you?
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and thanks msgorgeous!! are you still ttc?
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i sure am lol just waiting for it to happen i hate the waiting lol it seems to be taking longer then i had thought :) soo it looks like we are all in the waiting
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im getting so antsy!! lol...this whole pcos thing has my body all out of whack...so i am hoping this will be my month...i will keep our fingers crossed for both of us!
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Thank you :) the mysterys (sp?) of are bodies what a joy it is lol
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lol....my son keeps telling me he wants a brother...and i always tell him hopefully soon. But he has been telling everyone lately that his baby brother will be here soon. My family asks him where the baby is...and he says my tummy!! lol...how weird is that?
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I used first response 1 day before my period was due and got a positive...but like some of the others said, everyone is different
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hmmm... i will definately try either or both of those!! lol...i am addicted to testing so I am sure I will break down and do both!! thanks for you input! and congrats to you
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really that sounds very promising im not trying to get your hopes up but you know i heard that small children have a sence or feeling for things like that like intution sp? a few woman on here had said that there children knew they were pregnant be 4 they did. soo cheers to your son lol :)
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lol!! i hope thats the case with me!! hehe... now the only problem is if i am preggers, and its a girl... i will be in trouble!! he doesnt want a sister... he wants a brother...lol he says he doesnt know how to take care of a sister, but he does a brother. I asked him how do you know... you dont have one...and he said...."trust me mom...i know"...lol... and the best part is he is only 3... he will be 4 in sept
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bring your son my way!! I've also heard that babies have a 6th sense!!! sound promising!!!
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lol...i hope so!! but i dont want to get my hopes up for nothing!!
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little kids that age are just amazing :) yeah i know how you feel you dont want to get your hopes up but at the same time it sounds promising. im around kids my boyfriends lil necies sp? i cant spell today geez lol anyway im just waiting for them to tell me that i am lol but nothing and i do know thats not a sign i could be preggers its just its hopeful lol
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i wish i had a little kid around me!! i've even resorted to praying for a "sign" b/c i'm so impatient. Other than the dream i had the day i took the test and  got apositive (which was before the prayer for a sign) i haven't seen anything! ;(

i can't wait to find out for you both!!!
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lol...i know the feeling... i am at work.. and my brain is not functioning today!
392087 tn?1252605359
i hope we all get our bfps!! that would be awesome
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i'm at work too....trying to sneak in a read and post as much as i can.
i just want to know one way or the other. part of me is feeling pregnant and confident i am and the other part of me is saying "you've thought this before you quack!" ehhehe
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