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When did I conceive

I last had sex November 5 . My first day of my last menstrual was October 31. I'm due August 7 th does that add up something is driving me crazy I only had sex once and that was on the 5 of November ??
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I did the calculation and you would have been in the ovulation window to conceive. Normally the ovulation window is 5-7 days. Depends on your cycle, if you ovulate early or late. That's why they go based from your period not the conception day
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Yes it adds up :) it's calculated by adding 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle :) they should also be able to tell you how far along you are by your babies measurements in An ultrasound
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Why are you worried, are you concerned that you will have the baby earlier than expected?

A doctor hearing that the first day of your last period was October 31 will do a manual calculation with a calendar or a little cardboard wheel and will tell you that it adds up to an August 7 due date. Unless he has ultrasound information to the contrary, he will continue to assume that is your due date, even if you might have ovulated earlier in your cycle than an "average" woman might ovulate.  

Sperm can live in your body 5-6 days (some research suggests longer). This means a woman can have sex on November 5 and get pregnant from it on November 10 or even November 11.  A standard conception date for the due date of August 7 would be November 14, which is not much later than November 10 or 11. (Is the baby a girl, by the way?)

If you were given your due date from an ultrasound, how late was it in your pregnancy? Ultrasounds are only accurate for determining estimated conception dates if they were done quite early in the pregnancy. After a while there is a margin for error that gets larger depending on how far along you are.

In short, the accuracy of your estimated due date depends on how the doctor got the due date he gave you, and on how early or late your ultrasound was (if you got one). But you might not be as far out of range as you seem to think you are.  If the last sex you had was November 5, that is the sex that produced the baby even if you didn't get pregnant until November 11.
Thanks this made alot more since I my daughter father has concerns that she is not his and yes I am having a little girl but every month I'm a new week this comming Monday I will be 33 weeks . But the dr. Told me I consived on the 11 and he said that did not add up and that's why I'm trying to figure this out thank you so much
Who said that did not add up, the doctor or your boyfriend? If your doctor, that is surprising because he would have understood the long life of sperm in your body. (Interestingly, the sperm carrying the instruction for the baby to be female live longer than the sperm that produce male babies, so this proves the situation as well.)

If your boyfriend is who you meant when you said "he said that did not add up," that is less surprising, as not everyone knows how long sperm can live in the woman's reproductive tract.

If your boyfriend is being a jerk about it, well, frankly he should be ashamed of himself. But anyway, cheerfully tell him that the three of you can do a DNA test when the baby comes.  Since you know how it will turn out, you can offer this assurance to him during the pregnancy and perhaps he will stop being a jerk.  After the test, he will never have to think about the issue again.
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Definitely adds up. The last day off my menstrual was the 12th of November and I'm due the 19th August
Thanks so much
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