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Worried Sick about LCMV Infection

I'm 37yo, 27 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband and I just bought a house, and were cleaning out the kitchen cupboards in anticipation of moving in.  I found a few small, hard, black rice/seed-looking things in the cabinets while cleaning, and not knowing what they were at first, I had touched one.  I washed my hands, swept the particles out of the cabinets and the house, and then looked it up, and found that I handled and likely inhaled dried mouse dung.  Furthermore, I found out that by sweeping the dung and causing the virus to become airborne, I put myself at risk for contracting LCMV. I had no idea this could be so serious.  I am absolutely petrified that I have contracted LCMV, and that my baby will be born with severe vision and neurological defects.  Even though we didn't spend the night in the house, I am still wheezing.  I called the doctor this morning, and he completely dismissed me and told me that he never even heard of LCMV and felt that I was in no danger.  Have I put myself at serious risk and seek another physician, or should I just not worry about it and hope the mice that may have left the dung aren't LCMV carriers?
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I don't think it’s very common, there have been quite a few members on here that have had guinea pigs whilst pregnant and have had no problems. Perhaps you could speak to your doctor/midwife about it? Before making the big decision to re home your piggies.
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LCMV is a real entity, and the CDC has a nice fact sheet on it.  There is also a LCMV website.  If you were my patient, I would ask you to contact me right away if you had any symptoms (LCMV symptoms are similar to flu +/- bad stiff neck).  There is a blood test to determine whether you have the virus or have ever had it.  There is not treatment currently.
So, there is not much to be done at this point, and the risk is so low. that I would beg you NOT to spend the rest of your pregnancy worrying.  I would also ask however, that you hire a team of professionals to clean your new house for you!
Good luck!
Dr B
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