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Zoe is here!

I know a couple members let you guys know she was here (laura and chantal- thank you!)! Here's a short snippet of what happened on Friday:

Friday morning we all got up as usual and Daddy took our oldest to school. He doesn't work Friday so he came back home. Not long after we got up I told him I needed to go lay down. I was in bed, trying to fall asleep, when my water broke!

It felt like I peed myself but I KNEW I hadn't. I stood up and sure enough more fluid gushed out. I started shaking horribly like you do while in labor. I think part of it was nerves, too! All of a sudden I felt really unprepared.

Daniel's dad came to get our other daughter and we headed to the hospital. I got there expecting to be at least 5cm but I was only 3cm!!! And her head was still not engaged enough for them to let me get up and move around as we wanted to prevent cord prolapse (where the cord comes out before baby's head which would then compress the cord and cut off her oxygen supply and she'd die).

Well the contractions started coming and coming hard. I felt a ton of pressure. And so after about 10 extra minutes of monitoring they checked again and her head had come down. Phew! I was allowed to get off the monitors and to get up to labor. The only thing I ended up doing was getting in the tub and then side-lying on the bed.

Went epidural-free but I did start begging for something. Midwife gave me something to take the edge off (not exactly sure what it was). It didn't help except to make me a little nauseated and dizzy. And that's the reason I ended up staying in bed instead of walking and moving around.

I kind of went into my own little world and labor seemed to fly by. 5 hours after my water broke I was pushing. Midwife let me push on my own- no one was counting or telling me to hold my breath. I just pushed as I felt necessary. And Miss Zoe came into the world in about 1 minute of pushing (heck, I was desperate! The pain was barely tolerable and I knew if I pushed and she got out it would stop). I gave birth to her in a side-lying position.

One funny thing was that the midwife ended up catching her all by herself. Nothing was ready. I don't think they realized how fast I'd get this baby out. The nurse had gone down the hall and my midwife didn't have time to break down the bed. She had one hand up to catch baby as she reached behind her with the other trying to get what she needed.

I had no epidural, no tears/stitches, no IVs and only about 30 minutes total of fetal monitoring (with the big bands around the belly), got to hold her immediately and for a very long time, delayed cord clamping and cutting... it was everything in my birth plan and I'm so grateful I switched to a midwife who respected me and my birth plan (and refused to give me that epidural when I started demanding one! Ha ha!).

Zoe Beth H. was born at 2:06pm on October 23rd weighing 8lbs 4oz and 20.5 inches long. She's absolutely precious! I attached a picture of her with her daddy on discharge day. You can click it to enlarge.

Thank you guys all for your well wishes!
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Well done she is beautiful congratulations Joy
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Congratz Joy she is perfect and I am glad your labor and delivery went the way you wanted it to
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She's beautiful and so cute! I wish my labor had gone like that, but I needed lots of help to get my girl out of poor little me. I used a midwife too and I loved her! She had to catch my daughter too and was not expecting her when she popped out. My sister caught her attention when it happened. I was so delirious from all the pain meds and epidural I don't remember a whole lot, mostly what people tell me. Congrats!
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omigosh joy! she is SO adorable, congrats!! great birth story too....one minute of pushing! d amn girl you werent messing around haha! congrats again!! she is just too cute...love the chubby cheeks!
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Congrats Joy!!! She's so cute! I'm so glad your labor and delivery went as you had planned, and WOW! I agree with sunkissed, you weren't messing around with getting that baby out!
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Congrats on the beautful baby, and congrats for having an intervention-free, unmedicated hospital birth!

They are so rare these days, but exactly what I hope to have. You have officially become my labor and delivery inspiration. :-)
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congratulations glad your labour wasn't to bad and she looks adoreable!!
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wow so beautiful!! Althougth i wouldnt expect anything any diffrent then that!! :) Womderful birth story...i hope to go this time without any meds too!!
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Conratulations joy.she is gorgeous..
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She is beautiful.  Glad everything went as planned!
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OMG!!! JOY!!! She is just the most precious little thing.  OK, I have SERIOUSLY been bit by the baby bug now.  Congrats...you did awesome and she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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very beautiful baby. and yes u didn't have epidural and no tears ? i must say that is great of u.
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Congratulations, Joy! She's a beautiful little princess. :)
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shes beautiful!!! i kno im not a regular with your posts but i read them all and its amazin the type of friendship (i guess u can say) that is formed on a board! congrats to you now you get to enjoy that precious angel :)
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Joy, she is precious! God bless.
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Congratulations!  I'm so happy that all went well and she arrived safe and sound :-))
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Congrats Joy!! She is absolutely precious!! So glad that you got the birthing experience that you wanted!!
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Congrats Joy!! She is a beauty! (I had the same sleeper for Taylor too, so soft)
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Congrats!! She's absolutely gorgeous! and your a trooper for not getting the epidural! :) I don't think I could go all natural, i'd be about ready to kill DH.
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Congratulations Joy!!!! Zoe is adorable....lots a lot like her sisters.....we are all so relieved for you having a wonderful delivery.....how are you feeling now?
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I mean looks a lot like her sis
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She is perfect! Congrats!
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congrats she is lil  cutie
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Congrats Joy! What a great birth! Hope you are taking it easy, she is a cutie!
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