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advanced cervical dysplasia during pregnancy

hey there ladies im currently pregnant with my 4th baby due in sept and during my last pregnancy in 2013 i had an abnormal pap . my dr sent me to the colposcopy clinic where he found mild cervical dyplasia on my cervix , i was only about 25 weeks at the time and the dr told me we would wait out the pregnancy and then he would perform the leep procedure to remove the cells. for those who dont know its kinda like pre cancer cells so if left they can turn in to full on cervical cancer. so anyways we waited the pregnancy out and at about 6 weeks pp nov 2013 he did a biopsy of my cervix (because they dont do cervical biopsies during pregnancy) while preforming the biopsy he told me that it looked worse so they were gonna want to get it out right away, well they scheduled my leep for dec 23 . i ended up not making it because i had a ton of people staying at my house for christmas and was planning to reschedule.... when i found out i was pregnant again in early january 2014, well when the biopsy results came back the dr called me back in for another apt just to talk to me, well he drops the bomb that i have advanced/severe cervical dyplasia he told me in the steps up to cervical cancer i am the step right below it, well i told him i was pregnant and he seemed kinda worried he said usually they wait out the pregnancy but because i went from a normal cervix to advanced dysplasia in a year he wanted to check on my cervix at about 25 weeks and if its gotten worse again he wants to discuss taking the baby out at 32 weeks so it can be removed. im totally freaking out as i dont know much about my situation at all . has anyone really had the cells turn to cancer while pregnant? i was reading online its more likely when pregnant because your immune system isnt as strong and im really getting scared, ive had 3 relatively normal pregnancies and all vaginal births . im so scared of getting cancer im only 23 and all my kiddos are young, i am afraid 32 weeks is way to early to take baby and im scared of the complications for both of us. if anyone has gone through anything like this or can give me any insight id really appreciate it im a total wreck but yet im confused about what my chances are of actually getting cancer during my pregnancy. uggh sorry for the long post just been bottling up with no one to talk to lately..
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Prayers for you during this really difficult time.  Your story is very scary to read - hope you are able to find some peace as you search for answers.

I think a question that you should ask is,  if you do develop full-blown cervical cancer while you are pregnant,  what are your chances of having a total hysterectomy and recovering completely?  If the very worst happens,  and you go in for the biopsy at 25 weeks and the very worst scenario that is predicted has happened is it still reasonable to believe that with medical treatment everything will be okay for you.

I do know that there are certain cancers that if you have them while you're pregnant they are extremely aggressive and require more aggressive treatment than cancers that occur in non-pregnant times.  

Can you go to a specialized cancer care facility to seek further guidance?  This is one of those cases where you really need all the good information you can possibly get.

Prayers -
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I've had this abnormal pap smear before being pregnant. (On baby #3 now) I took this seriously,  and got my leep pdocedure done & went to all of my follow up appointments. For a year I had a pap smear every 3 months. Everything was good. Your situation is more advanced than mine was and I'm sorry this is happening while pregnant. If I'm not mistaken,  you aren't at the cancerous stage just yet And u really should have gotten this tsken care of a while ago, but since we can't go in the past, just do what your doctor says, & if u have to have the baby at 32wks I'm sure baby will be fine.  They're babies being born at 27wks and live healthy lives. Pray on it hun. & I pray everything works out for the best.
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thankyou ladies for your replys i live in quite a small city in canada and unless you get a referral you cant actually see other drs and because im the stage above cancer i dont qualify for a referral, i am praying hard that at 25 weeks everything is the same but im worried because the colpo i had earlier in my last pregnancy i believe i was about 9 weeks i only had mild/moderate dyplasia and it just keeps getting worse each time i go in, my dr discussed worse case scenario yes i would have to have a hysterectomy which is super scary but whatever i have to do i will do,.. im very scared about my next apt as i really dont want a preemie or a c-section . im a very busy momma as it is, this little miracle was a big surprise as my other baby was only 3 months when i found out but im scared i wont be able to cope with my kiddos my condition and a preemie . i really wish i could just know weather or not it would turn in cancer , i had every intention of having the leep before our unexpected bfp and now i feel awful like i put myself and this baby at risk :(
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