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I'm 18+3 wks and I recently got a puppy...

Long story short I got her from a ugly heartless man who was going to put her to sleep at only 9 weeks old and I couldn't let that happen I felt so bad...

Now my puppy doesn't really listen to me or doesn't really come to me often.. So I'm thinking it might have been a bad idea to get her, especially since I knew I was pregnant...

Do you think  she can sense that I'm pregnant? And if she can, is the reason she not listening to me because she might not be friendly with my new born?? I'm very nervous at this point and I don't want to get myself or my 5yr old more attatched to her if we are going to have to give her away:(
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At 9weeks they are not going to listen or come when they are called. Takes alot of training and time spent. I will say this in a nice way of course but if you dont have the time to spend training and all that fun stuff find him or her another good home. I love that you rescued her but think long term... will you really have the time with a new baby?
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Trust takes time give her a fair chance once she starts to love you shell be a bestfriend thats what happened with me and my doggy and shes now the best thing for me and my family and ive had her for 3 years ive never had her around a newborn but when my baby is born well take it nice and slow it can be stressful for everybody especialyy if the dogs not used to crying but animals tend to be very maternal or theyll usually give you a sign they cant be around kids worat case scenario maybe you cld keep her outside for your older child but remeber a puppy is a baby they need to be trained to your lifestyle they dont know any better right now so prepare for potty accidents and chewed up stuff even jumping and barking you just gotta be firm and loving and patient hope doggy works out for ya
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Well she's 14 weeks now and listens to my fiance and my son... We've managed to get her potty trained in such short time. She waits by the door for me to let her out to do her business... Since I'm a full time mom I'm home all day hopefully she just has to get used to me.. She's great with my son so I'm hoping for the best
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Its weird how they can scent it just like lil kids.
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Well done to you for saving the puppies life. I hate people who behave badly towards animals. I myself have 6 rescue cats who have all had their own  behavioral issues but it takes a lot of time, perseverance and love. My cats can sense I am pregnant and have taken to lying on my belly. I assume dogs can sense too.. If he's new to your home maybe he feels he may be pushed out when the baby comes? Just lots of love! Good luck xx
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I started my pup on training at 4 weeks and had all his basics done at 9 weeks. He would do everything perfectly. He's actually in formal training now to be a service dog. The thing about dogs is you have to establish pack order. Female dogs will sometimes compete for alpha with the wife and male dogs same with hubbies... that's part of the reason she listens to your boys better than she does you. If you spend more time with her on your own but establish dominancy it should fix the problem. Depending on the breed though she may be stubborn. We had to put our 1 yr old female beagle up for adoption recently. She was fully trained and even had all of her certificates of training... she listened perfectly to men. But she would open my dresser drawers just to tear up my stuff, chewed up my shoes and pillow... anything of mine she destroyed and was constantly trying to bite me when I got in bed next to my husband. I wasn't going to put up with that with a baby coming. I would have kwpt her and worked more with her one on one if it wasn't for the baby but since I was also working at the time I decided to give her to a friend who had more time to deal with her behavioral issues than I did.
Your dog sounds like she's doing well so hopefully you wont have a problem. If youcan get her in  some formal training it may help even more bc thenshe gets to ssocialize and you get help from professionals on correcting bad habits. :)
Just remember than she is not a child so treating her like one isn't fair to her. They are family but they are not babies and it's never too early to start training. As I said, my golden is in service dog training now and almost done. He's only a year and a half old... youngest dog in his class by far.
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