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baby #2

So I am 23, and have a 19month old boy, and when I told my mother we were expecting number two she got mad at me and said we don't need another one. Mind you I'm married and we live on our own and never ask her for help. What should I do?
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Nothing.  Go on about your life.  Be happy.  She can either be happy, get happy or not.  My guess is she as a parent is just worried for you and all the responsibility and cost that comes with.  It will all be ok.
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you dont need to do anything if your mother isnt helping you to take care of your family no offense to her but she really has no right to say wether u NEED to have another baby or not.....
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Me and my hubby had the same problem w my mother in law...and we are amrried and also live on our own..this will b our 3rd...I know exactly where ur comin from...I still haven't spoke to her...she has not called to c how I'm doin or wht dr has said or anything and it really upsets me
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Whoops hit post before I meant too...I jst go on about my business and once the baby gets here I'm sure she will b there :))
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I'm 23 and pregnant with my second. My family has a lot to say about my life, and this baby. But I let it go out one ear and out the other. My oldest is 4 and I have never asked for help. But don't let it stress you.
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Hey my mom got mad as well....
She told me some hurtful thing that I would never forget specially because I had a mc afterwards ....
I feel like my baby felt rejected.....
But now I'm pregnant again with baby number 3 
Im 28 weeks 
I'm  happily married with a loving and responsible husband.....
Soo their was no reason for my mom negative attitude .....
The only time I ask for my mom help is when I go deliver ... "babysitting" for a few hrs so my husband could give me his support during delivery......
I guess I'm not counting with her any more.... 
Sooo sad...
Hey congrats! X
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Ignore her. My mom is a B and every time she found out I was pregnant, even though I was married and financially independent by #1 much less #3, she suggested abortion or adoption. I just know to roll my eyes and not expect her to be happy...although about halfway through each pregnancy she's finally gotten excited and she LOVES the two grandbabies we already gave her and I know she'll love this new one just as much...

it's just her beetchy @$$ way of letting me know she's worried. I haven't needed money or help from her for YEARS..and even so when she found out that hubby and I were expecting #3 (mind you my husband and I have been together almost 9 years and own our own house) she was just as much of a B as she was with #1..and I get snide comments all the time about how hard it's going to be, etc...oh well. Not my problem, lol. Her attitude is part of why she never babysits my children and never will.
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Hey my mom had 3 kids as well so I really don't know what her problem ....she probably feels she won't get as much attention....
I think she's really selfish at times...
Only thinking about her.....
But it nice to hear im not alone....
Well not really
 because is sad 
that a mom is not happy with whatever makes her daughter happy....
Sometimes I wish I could just tell her everything that is in mind....
Without hurting her feeling ...
I also have to be careful cuz she constantly sick...
But it's sad cuz we were soo close before.....
And now it like ... I just don't enjoy calling her or visiting her any more....
Sorry I just needed to get this off my chest...
Feel much better now....
Thanks for posting this topic.. :)
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I am 21 and my husband and I had an "oops" baby. Now he is 7 months old. We always wanted kids close in age so we decided to try for another. When i told my mom the look on her face was pure disapointment and she continued to tell me i needed to wait. Well i am now 8 weeks pregnant and she says shes happy but she never asks about the baby and anytime anyone brings it up in front of her she leaves. My husband and I have our own home, we never ask her for anything, and we make enough so that i can stay home. Idk why she acts like that but honestly it doesnt matter itsvwhat my husband and i decided we wanted. Hopefully you dont let it get to you.
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