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beta <0.1 mIU/m at 11dpo:( what are my chances?

all i want to do is stay in and cry

i might be 10dpo not really sure

i went to get a blood test because of the awful cramps and backache im having.

do u think i may have tested too early? maybe my implantation was today? or if it was today would it have shown in the test?

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Hi meme1988

I am wondering why you are thinking that you are 10 dpo, were you counting this as day 14 in your cycle?  If this is the case, this calculation is not always correct.  I ovulated day 21 of my cycle and I am now 7 weeks pregnant (with a few issues occuring now).  Also, after I ovulated I had really sore breast and cramping like PMS for about 4 weeks (breasts are really sore now!) Anyway I did not test positive on a early detection home kit until day 32 of my cycle (with day 1 being when my last period started), so you definitely could of tested to early!

If you are trying to get pregnant it might be an idea to buy some ovulation detection kits to find out when you ovulate - this is what I did as my period was irregular.  Just so you know they say there has to be 10-14 days between ovulation and your next period due date for a pregnancy to stick. Good luck anyway and I hope it all works out for you!
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Hi again

Just looked at your previous posts and saw you were on Clomid, still, I have heard it can take 14 dpo before an embryo implants.  Also a tip I was given was to have sex every second day, if you leave it too long the older sperm can becom useless and they can release chemicals that hinder the newer sperm, if you do it too often the man has not got enough time to 'recharge'.  I really hope everything works out for you!  Good luck!
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thank you so much for replying.
yes this is my first cycle on clomid and i had an +opk on cd15 and cd16 which means i most probably ovulated cd 16 or 17. went in for an ultra sound and found 24mm follicle on cd 15. on cd23 i went in for progestrone blood test and it came out as 13 and the dr said its very good. so yesterday cd 27 beta hCG less than .1;/

i have really bad cramps i couldnt sleep last night and backache!
the backache and cramps stared a few days ago but yesterday was awful so is today.

too soon for AF my cycle is 31 days. im expecting my AF on Jan 20th

i just dont know if i should give up hope

thank you again for replying
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plus really really sore breasts from cd22 till now!
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thank u for taking the time to read my older posts .
i did have sex everyday since the opk for 4 days
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Ive also done clomid,ovulation tests are good,but not a good conclusion ovulation has happen.,if you were to chart as well this will confirm ovulation.beta HCG of -1 means no pregnancy is achieved,a level of 5 or higher can mean possible pregnancy.clomid can throw out lots of pregnancy signs,but so does impending period.what you maybe feeling is you period coming.I would honestly suggest you consider charting in your next cycle to maximise your chances.good luck.
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i have my period on the 1 of october,it last for 5 days and on the 19 october i have my period again.feeling pain in my stomach,dizz,vomiting.have been to my doctor she did scaning but she said all is ok,she said am not pregnant,but am still feeling the same.so yesterday i went to see her again and she did blood test and it shows 0,100 iu/l. am i pregnant or not,or is it early to know if am pregnant or not.i feel like am pregnant.can someone help me.
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I am 2 days late now.. had my lmp on June 14th got an beta hcg test on July 12th was 0.1 negative and i go Wednesday bc I'm late.. what r my odds of getting pregnant on my period.?? Also my cycle is 31days.. but my periods r either 4-7 days more often 4days then 7.
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