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birth plan

I just posted my birth plan in my journal. could a few of you first-timers and experienced mommies look it over and tell me what you think? how many copies should i have?
i would greatly appreciate it ladies.
thank you
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Everything looks great! One suggestion is to maybe make bullet points rather than paragraphs so they can read through it quickly. If you are interested I can share my birth plan with you for comparison (the one I used my last birth which I will most likely use this birth). Mine has some more details for cesarean birth that you may wish to look up and think about adding for yourself. Just let me know and I'll post it.
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Oh shoot! When my computer crashed several months ago my Microsoft Office was deleted so I can't open the Word doc with my birth plan. I can see if I can find it on my blog.
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I like your birth plan...mine was almost the same except i chose to tear naturally....the only thing to remember is not everything goes as planned. Your early labour was the same as mine...I wanted to move freely, use the labour tub, however I was induced and needed the monitors on me at all times so unfortunately I was not allowed to leave my bed except to use the bathroom.

Just remember that if your birth plan does not go the way you wanted it to...everything is for the safety and health of that baby...

With that being said...I really do like your birth plan and I hope everything goes the way you want it. Good Luck!
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I haven't done a birth plan yet, I probably should with 5 weeks to go, I didn't think I'd say this but because of my blood pressure and being in hospital to be monitored everyweek I think im going to be induced just so I can be kept an eye on from start to finish I think I'm just a bit paranoid now of things going wrong or my bp getting ridiculously high...

But if I don't ask I wanna be able to labour at home as long as possible going in so I only have to pretty much push baby out I don't want to be confined to a bed but we shall see how things go lol all depends on my bp
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Cheryl - I agree tearing naturally is actually more beneficial than being cut. But to each their own. I wanted to say something, though, about something you said. We must remember that a birth plan isn't actually a "plan". To plan your birth would entail details such as, "I will only be in labor for 3 hours and 2 minutes" or "My contractions will feel no stronger than menstrual cramps".

In actuality a birth plan is actually a list of your birth preferences and wishes. If a woman doesn't have a birth plan going into the hospital she is going to get the "default". It's like going into a coffeehouse and they hand you a triple-shot espresso when you really want an iced vanilla latte. When you say, "I don't want the espresso" they say, "You didn't offer us any preferences. This is the default coffee and this is what you're going to get." The same is true for the hospital.

So anyway all that is to say it is definitely okay to express your wishes and I think any woman who has a birth plan understands that things happen. BUT the less interventions you have and the more you're free to move around and labor without being messed with the BETTER chances you have of having your birth go exactly or as close to your vision as you desired.

Just an encouragement for those contemplating their birth plan. I'm also starting a Birth Wishes Series in the 'We Want a Natural Birth' group starting TODAY! I'm about to go write the first post of the series. There will be a total of 9 posts with the last being piecing together our birth plans and sharing them.

If anyone wants to join in here's the link:
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Becca- even if you are induced or have a cesarean you CAN and should have a birth plan. There are choices you can make for intervened births and I'll be talking about those choices in the Birth Wishes Series so head on over the next several days and we'll help build your plan together, okay?! I want you to feel peace about the choices you're making because it IS your birth and you DO have choices.
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Yeah that would really help thanks :)
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Thank you for the advice! I figured making bullets would make I too long. Printed out its already almost 2 pages. Is that too long?
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Mine was bullets and two pages. For me it was easier to read even if it was two pages. I would not go longer than two pages. Maybe you can post both; post a copy as bullets and we'll see if it is easier to read.
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