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I bought sine CErtO, and i drank it...  It's not going to harm my baby is it... I used it to clean my system
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Should have maybe looked that up before you drank it, no? Why are you trying to clean your system ?
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Non of your business??
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I don't know what that is but it sounds like a detox which is bad if you're pregnant.
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I hope you don't pass your DRUG TEST. That stuff can hurt the baby too. Selfish...smh
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That's not good.
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It's not good for baby. You should talk to your dr about it and let them know you drank it in case any problems should arise or so that they can check on the baby.
It's not a detox why would you comment ask your doctor if you don't even know by the way it is ok
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Not goood!...If your baby tests postive for drugs after birth theyll call cps.
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You took a risk by drinking it...yes it could harm your baby.  
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You will be OK just make sure you don't use a detox and the ganja is out your system before birth
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You should probably research these products before using them while.pregnant.. Yes it can be harmful.towards your baby.

If you are using this to "cleanse" your system of drugs, you took a huge risk. Along with the drugs.

If you test.positive in urine for anything, they'll make note.
When you give birth, they'll run blood tests on your baby, and if positive for anything CPS will get involved, and may remove the baby from your custody right then and there.
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Just pushed all the toxins to your unborn child. While you might pass a screen, he or she won't.
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They don't check for drugs via blood, they actually check it's first poop. They do this while giving them shots ect
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Ohhh & well this post is old... ahhh I love when ppl comment and don't check the posting date....
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So was it ok girl? Im curious
Right, I'd like to know too.  I do know they don't recommend cleanses when pregnant though.  
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It is an ingredient you use to make jelly, I’m pretty sure since it’s mainly fruit then it’s safe, just don’t do it too often and make sure your system is clean before the baby arrives(this goes towards anybody) it may take you a short period of time, but it approximately takes 3 months for your baby to be clean, in the womb. And you most definitely don’t want the baby to fail because cps will get involved.
Hoped my answer was helpful for anybody who needed it!
That's very helpful Lizabeth!  thanks
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Girl don’t even worry about these ******* people only worried about the fact that you were tryna clean your system. I’m pregnant & I drank 6 packs. I’m fine & baby is more than okay.
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