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OKAYY i just took a clear blue test, the ones with the lines, not the one that say PREGNANT AND NOT PREGNANT
well i could somewhat see the line that goes up and down to make it positive but not really...
but thats how it was with my first pregnancy...with my first one i took the same test and you could see the line that makes it
a plus sign, but bearly but more than this one that i just took.

so is it possible??
can i be pregnant??
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it might be easier if you can post a pic for others to see the results...its hard to say without seeing the test
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how do i post it??
im going to take another one in the morning cause i know
that is like the stongest pee
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You take the picture and then take a usb cord and upload it to the site. I am so excited for you! I hope that you got your positive! The blue ones are kinda tricky but usually the Clear Blue ones are good =) I hope it is for real!
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yes please post in the morning....i always got a lot of responses when i posted preg test photos....best of luck to you...i hope its  a BFP
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thankyou so much yall were so much help!!
ahhh i love this website
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Post a pic so we can see but you should also try using the digital test.  
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SOunds like a positive to me I know with my daughter the line was faint so I took a digital to make sure. Good luck I hope it is a positive. :)
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sorry girls i didnt take it this morning i was such in a rush but im going to take it tomorrow morning...

i woke up like around 5 something in the morning cause i was hungry and that never happens to me..the only time it did happen is when i was preg with my first baby..

but im going to go get a digital and im going to take the othre ones too..

and the first time i was preg i took the same test and it came out the same way
+ but the line going up and down you could hardly see. and thats how it was this time!!1

thanksgirls and i will post one in the morning
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If you look at my pics...I had the same thing.....the very first one was barely noticeable and then each day they'd get darker and darker.
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okay im going to go look right now thankyou so much yall are so much help
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oh my g mine looked like yours the pic where you have 2 pregnancy test
the bottom one mine looks like that!!!!
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That is awesome! I really hope that you are preggers!
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me too!!!
i guess im just going to have to wait till the morning
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Like the others say only way to find out is to test again-Really hope you see that fantastic word PREGNANT in the morning :) Post as soon as you find out :)

Loads of dust & luck x
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thankyou and i will!!

thankyou all of yall lovely ladies!!!
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My test was very faint too!!!!.. the next day I took another one and it was faint but def there.. then two hours later I took another one it was even darker.. I'm 5 weeks pregnant now :) I hope you get your BFP!!!
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Blue dye tests are notorious for being pieces of crap that like to leave awesome evap lines that get darker and darker as days pass , causing alot of people to think they're pregnant when they're not, I would invest in a digital to be sure or a pink line test as they tend to be more reliable.
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okay thankyou
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it definetly sounds like a positive this happened with me then i took the digital clear blue and pregnant 1-2 weeks showed straight away and my baby is now 6weeks old best of luck keep us posted :) xx
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