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could i be pregnant

if we wash the sperm immedialtely after sex will a women get pregnant
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I don't understand your question.  If you are referring to douching, douching will not decrease the chance of pregnancy, might enhance, and may also put a woman at risk for a pelvic infection.

Please clarify if possible.

Dr. Downing
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Yes she can,once having intercourse semen does somtimes leak whilst in side her vagina..through arousal.it only takes a little sperm to get her pregnant...washing immediatly is no garrentee..might i suggest condoms.
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i had sex and i feel sick and my boobs hurt and my back and my head and i don't know if i am pg i am kinda scared but i know my dad will kill me if he find out wat do i do
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It's not 100% safe, just like tarajanes said, it could leak, it will take just a semen to get pregnant out of millions.......take her advised!
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I am 12 days late for my period.  I have headaches and only some breast tenderness, slight cramping, lots of gas and clear vag.dis all the time.  I took a test at day 8 and it was negative. I am always regular almost down to the hour.  Still no signs of my period.
I am not sure if it could be something else or I am pregnant.  Is it possible to have a false neg.? Thank you for you opinion.  
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Help...Okay I am now four days late, was completely nauseous Tuesday and ended up puking, took three hpt and all were negative my breast hurt and are very heavy. what is wrong with me?? I last had sex on October 3 without protection and he did ejaculate in me.
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ok, i'm 17.  i have had irregular periods since i was 15. i started being sexually active at 16 with the same boy. i missed my period on the 24th of september, wich wasnt out of the normal, but on sept 30th me and my boyfriend (ex-boyfriend now) had sex, he did ejaculate in me. i've been cranky, sad, depressed and very angry since about 3 days after that.  i've looked up early pregnancy signs and i have mood swings, sore breasts, nausea, and dizziness. also i have loss of appitite for certain foods and others i just cant eat very much of it. i took to preg tests today and they were both negative. i know that tests could be wrong. its not a problem if i am pregnant but i really need to know for sure so i can take the proper precautions to care for it and also notify the father. your help would be apprieciated greatly.
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i started spotting last saturday the 20th of oct. and still am i dont really know what to do but i was told to wait about a week or 2 before taking a hpt...what do you guys think? i was on tyceclyn Lo bc but i took it late a couple of times,the weird things happening is that i just have a weird feeling in my stomach,little headaches and going pee about 15 times a day,and my emotions are running like crazy,and the foods i love like mac& cheese i cant eat it makes me sick so what do i do? get the test now or do i wait it out?

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