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could i be pregnant

have large belly for 3 weeks having symptoms of heartburn and constipation went to doc told me ive acid reflux no symptoms in over a week just nausea and belly unchanged finished period 2 days ago came early and was v uncomfortable lasted only 3 days don't know what the prob is can you help
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Sounds to me like irritable bowel syndrome, but I ALWAYS tell my patients to take a pregnancy test!  Miralax works wonders for constipation, and is gentle and doesn't cause a lot of cramping.  Ibuprofen or Aleve are the best medications for period cramps.

Good luck!
Dr B
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Thanks a million for advice will take test in morn and revisit doctor and hopefully will get this sorted
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Hi, It doesnt sound like your pregnant....
I am nearly 6 weeks preg and i didnt come on my period at all,also the heartburn started a week after my missed period...
I know some woman do bleed in early pregnancy but 3 days bleed doesnt sound like implatation bleeding..or very early pregnancy blood.
Ive suffered a lot of constipation and i used to get a rock hard tummy....
I always used senecot...or a herbal remedy and it eased after 24 hours...hope this helps
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For the past two weeks I have been really bloated and gassy. My breasts have also become really sore around the edges and are swollen and enlarged, and feel different to what they normally feel like when I get my period, The last few days I have been feeling queasy! My cycle is between 30-32days. My period was due around the 12th of April. I have taken two tests, I took one two days before my period was due and another on the 13th but both came back negative. Is it too early to test, should I wait a bit longer and try again? I'm confused because I feel odd.. Your advice and comments would be most appreaciated!!!!!
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I had a lot of gas the for the 2 weeks due to when my period was due,then i never did come on....My stomach would rumble all night but i wernt hungry..i also felt nauseas and tired.
My positive test shown up a week before i was due however i know friends that they havent had a positive till a week after there due...
I would certainly wait a couple more days but you do sound like i was...
It just could be your level of HCG (pregnancy hormone) in your body isnt as high as others at this point.
Good luck and try and stay calm.....
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i have 2 daughters and im trying for another with my partner after having my 2nd daughter i had sex with my partner and he teared me inside i had to be rushed into hosptial and they had to give me stitches after that i been fine but me and my partner are trying for a baby my last period was the 20th march and  and since that we been having sexual intercourse regualy and unprotected all through .we had sex the tueday the 14th april and when we had finished i went to the bathroom to clean myself when i wiped myself with the tissue i seen some blood very light at this time it is now 3 days after and im bleeding heavy i have taken a test and it came back negative i have never been on my period early before is there any chance i could be pregnant or i when would be my ovulating day as im not sure when it is.. and could the bleeding have started because i could be teared or something all comments would be helpful thank you very much
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Thank you Lizzie, I think I will wait another week or so and try again! I'll try to stay calm.. Congratulations, when are you due?
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me and my fiance have been trying to have a baby.  we had unprotected sex 3 times and i have been feeling bloated, cramping, tender breast and i have been have odd sensations in my belly. could i be pregnant.  im not suppose to have my period until the 24th
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Hi all, just wanted to update you all,  I had some very light bleeding, well spotting actually yesterday and it was bright pinky red colour and today it's really dark brown and looks like it's already finishing!!I  I'm confused!!!!
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I have a very small amount of pink discharge too...only after one wipe and then it went.It could be the egg implanting in your lining in the womb...
If you havent had a positive by now though i would say its not good news..
How far after your period are you now??

Im 6 weeks pregnant and due on 15th dec.
But the morning sickness has kicked in and it certainly wipes you off your feet..
its all good though and were at a scan thursday to find the heartbeat..
keep me posted on you!! x
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i new on here but i saw that alot of people have gotten alot of good advice on here and i need some. i missed my period in february and in march. then i started my period in april. i have been thinking that i am pregnant i have been having some of the symptoms like headaches, etc.

no i have been having spotting here and there and my stomach seems to be getting bigger. i am in the military and we work out all of the time and all of the tests that i have been taking have all come back negative and i al so have some extreme anemia.

i am thinking about going to the doctor to have an ultrasound done and me and my husband are wanting to have a baby. my husband told me that i should just to make sure. plus the blood tests have come back negative as well. i am a little concerned i still think that i am pregnant. could i get some advice?
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also i feel tired all of the time. sometimes i feel sick once in awhile. sometimes during the morning. by the time i get home i pass out on the couch and my husband has to carry me into the room so that i can sleep better. sometimes i get up in the middle of the night or i cant sleep at all.

can someone give me some advice on what is going on and if you think that i am pregnant?

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I haven't retested since, but I went to the doctors today and she made me do a urine test and a blood test. See how it goes. I'm starting to think maybe I'm not. Will let you know how I go!!!! Congrats again!!!!
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Im sorry your not feeling yourself at the moment.
if you missed your period feb and march thats sounds good but if the blood test has come negative its pretty impossible that could be wrong.
It would show HCG hormone in your blood by now if you were pregnant after 3 months the baby would be fully formed.
I had massive amounts of HCG in my blood after 4 weeks so it is a little strange you havent had any.
All your symptoms sound like pregnancy symptoms but a missed period can also be down to PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries),which have similar side effects.
Have you been checked for them.I have many friends that get very poorly and dont have a period for months.. with PCOS, maybe get checked out and i agree an altrasound would answer all your questions...Good Luck
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hi can any 1 help me ,me and my partner have been tryin for another baby for nine months now, but my periods are really irregular i can have up to 3 separarate periods in 1 month all like 4 days long, and i also my stomach has started to bloat since weve been trying, its becomeing so stressfull, i dont smoke dont drink have a healthy diet, the only thing im concerned that could be affecting me conceiveing is that ive been taking diet pills does any1 no if that can affect it?.
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Hi i need some advice. I had a miscarraige 2 years ago and been trying again for 6 months. I am really regular 28 day cycles. This month i noticed the egg mucous so we took the oppourtunity that was 8 days ago now and i have been getting some sharp twinges deep in at the left side of my groin and some slight back ache, also i have had some bad nausea and i have thisk thick white sticky discharge. Are any of theses signs of pregnancy or would it be too soon to tell??

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Hi there, I also lost a baby last Dec, it wasn't a miscarriage it was a missed abortion but me and my finance were devastated about it and were now trying again, having complications and issues with all that ....but i wanted to let u know i had the same symptoms as you have now and then ended up missing a period and  took a test and found out i was pregnant about 6 weeks at the time.I would suggest waiting till a couple days after your M.C is due and then take the test if you want to.

I hope this has helped you in some way, good luck and all the best!!!
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Can I get some input ? I'm 10 days late,heartburn,nausea,bloating,fatigue,peeing in the night
Spotted once,britney spears emotional, but my boobs are fine. I think I'm pregnant
But the test said negative. I think it might be a little to early. I've been trying for almost 3 years
So any  advice or comments would make me feel so much better. Thank you .
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I just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant, and I had the same symptoms- tender swollen breasts,back aches, thick discharge, nausea.
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Hi there, my advice would be to go to your ob or family doctor and have a blood test done to see for sure that your pregnant it does sound like you are, but the home test might be coming up neg because the HCG levels aren't high enough  to show up pos!!! If  your 10 days late it shouldn't be too early to test, so a blood test would be the best confirmation and most accurate!!!
I hope you get the results you want!!!
Good luck.
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Hi, I have a question and hope you can help. I'm 18 and have been on my pill for 2 and a half years now. I missed a couple of my pills Now I'm wondering if I'm pregnant. I ddn't have a period that month after not taking my pill right, and was nauseous, vomiting, sore swollen breasts, hungry to the point where I have hunger pains even though I'd only eaten an hour ago. This has carried on for the past 6weeks about, and now I'm stressing because it seems no one wants to give me an answer. I'v been to the docs, and had a urine test, and it was negative as were the home one's I did. My stomach is also swollen just under my belly button. The other day I bled properly for about an hour with stomach cramps but then it went again. Just disappeared. And then in the bath that night, I noticed there was white thick skin stuff coming out of me, (at which point I freaked out). No pain though. Now I'm wondering if I was pregnant but have miscarried, or am I still pregnant? Or was I never pregnant? Help :(
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Hi all my husband had a vasctomy almost 4 years ago never went back to test. I want a baby but don't want to ask him to have a reversal does anyone know of pregnancy after a vsectomy?

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