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fetal heartbeat on doppler

Hi there,
So I am trying really hard not to freak out! I am 9 weeks tomorrow and went for my monthly visit to the doctors today. He tried to find the hb with the doppler and was unable to..He said likely too early, and I figured that but still I am so nervous!! This next month is going to be long. UGHHHH. I purchase a fetal doppler off of ebay today, hoping that will clear and get here sooner than my next appt.
What was the earliest you all heard your babies hb's....
I know that 2 weeks ago gummy bean had a hb during an ultrasound.
Hoping everyone is doing FANTABULOUS :)
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It's unlikely you will hear a heartbeat via dopplar at 9 weeks.  Most times it's not picked up until ATLEAST 10-12 weeks.  Sometimes even a week or two later.  
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Been there!

I had a a fetal doppler check at 12 weeks and they couldn't pick up the baby. Went back at 14 weeks and it was loud and clear. My midwife doesn't perform ultrasounds so I just had to wait and trust.

Don't fret! The baby could be hiding in the back of your uterus and it is still tucked in behind your pubic bone. The baby pops up over that around 12 weeks. They will probably have better luck with the doppler by then.

I hope you are feeling well other than the anxiety over this.
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Wait until 12 weeks to find a heartbeat on a doppler. Don't even try before, you won't find it and freak out for nothing:)
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I agree. Try not to worry. I wasn't able to hear my babies heartbeat till I was 15 weeks. She's now lying next to me as healthy as can be.
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I didn't hear mine's heartbeat until about 10-11 weeks for the first time and I even knew what I was looking for. I tried listening at like 8-9 weeks and I didn't hear anything. By ultrasound you can hear a heartbeat as early as 6 weeks but with a doppler its usually between 10-14 weeks depending on the position of the baby, if your uterus is tilted, etc.
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My ob couldn't pick up the hb until about 13 weeks. I got it on my doppler at home around 10, but it really depends on where the baby is. Don't panic if you can't find it right away.
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I was able to hear my baby just for a few seconds when i was 9 weeks, midwife said baby hiding and couldn't find it again, so yea don't worry yourself sick about it, I'm now 18 weeks as off today but last week i heard my baby's heart beat nice and strong
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Try not to worry it is still too early to be able to hear the heartbeat.  My OB actually would not listen when I was 9 weeks for that reason.  She said that if they can't find it that it would only worry me.  Good luck and congratulations.
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Something else I failed to mention is the placement of the placenta can hide the heart beat. If your placenta is anterior (meaning in front) it will be harder/take longer to pick up on doppler
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We weren't able to hear mine until 14 wks
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I have a doppler I bought off ebay and am 11 weeks, we couldnt get the heartbeat last night but I know the baby is fine b/c I can feel it moving. ( for all those nay sayers, this is my 2nd pregnancy so I know what it feels like!)
if the Dr is not worried than I would try not to worry. I know thats very hard.
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