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gardening :(

I'm so tired of everything sounding like a life threatening deal on Google. I love to garden ! I went out today, spread some miracle grow gardening soil, wet it down, and planted some flowers. All with gloves of course ... My point is I went on the internet after the fact, and there's women saying its such a no no. Than, there's websites saying its ok as long as you wear gloves... In tired of there being a scare in every move we make ! Anyone garden well pregnant ??
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Absolutely...I always garden...just be careful not to get cuts from roses this time of year. happy gardening
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Thank you :) you made me feel better !
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Yeah early in my pregnancy I set up a veg garden. And I just spent last weekend weeding our new house. Ive stopped with google, it scares me too much.
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Google just scares you. It all tells you different things iv been doing my gardening at 38wks pregnant not to easy but relaxing really n yes i wear gloves. Hows the garden going to kill you??
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I plan on gardening this week...i dont really look anything up online though.
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Oh my goodness, everything is off limits for us now isnt it?? Ive been gardening and had no idea it was taboo.

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I've been gardening without gloves and I'm 20 weeks... Didn't realize it was a no no but I don't google anything but food. Why is it a no no?
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LOL damn my baby is screwed then!! I've been gardening since I found out I was pregnant!! LOL. I also have chickens... Haha.
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Google cracks me up! I mean seriously?  If everything we did was dangerous then how in the world are WE still here? People would be extinct! Lol
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If I remember correctly from my first pregnancy it's because stray animals may poop or pee there as long as you wear gloves it's no big deal
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Gardening without gloves is "apparently" a no no cause u could touch cat poo. Lol. Toxoplasmosis or how ever u spell it. Really u just need to wash Ur hands. Lol. Who's not gonna do that after getting dirt under Ur nails. Its not like Ur gonna go make a sandwich or suck on Ur fingers before washing them. We are all here and our mothers didn't follow these rules.  Lol
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I know I hate all tuat crap, u cant go for rides (like bouncy mountian or 4wheelers) because its dangerouse u cant eat sertin foods cus they r now bad for u or if u as califo.ia they say every thing causes cance, we shouldnt realy do any kind of lifting cus its not good (so my husband hates when I carry something thats a little heavy) its mostly crap. I understand we need to stay healthy but being active is keeping us healthy. I plan on doing some gardening at our new appartment as soon as my mother in-law gets me the starter plants she said shed get us as an apartment gift. (i just have some weeding to do, cus niether the landlords or the previous tennant did any. Good luck ladies on all ur hobbies.
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I've planted flowers plus plant spring onions, peas, corn and potatoes. I just wash my hands. I also ride my four wheeler every day. (I live on a farm) I don't go off reading or anything, just from one place to another. And I'm 36 weeks pregnant.
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Gardening w/o gloves is a "no no" simply because you may come in contact with animal urine and feces which could hurt you and baby.  As long as ya wear gloves ur good.  Happy gardening!
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You all have made me so happy and feel better :) thanks
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I have a huge garden...acres. I also have livestock. I read all that stuff about it too. Then I remembered that my grandmother had 5 kids and a cattle farm. Everyone was fine. If anything...it seems like great exercise! The only thing I'm careful about is overheating. Take breaks and drink water. I also don't use chemicals and go with organic practices. I would recommend that regardless if you are pregnant or not though. Some things have bad chemicals so try and stay away from that.
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