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implant bleeding

hi. . . i'm 24 yrs old this is my first pregnancy & i'm scared to death, i'm having some bleeding which i have already been to the er for once,cus i had cramping like i was going to start my period then alot of blood in the toilet as i used the bathroom but the blood wasn't dark or clumps like period blood & there was no clots, so i went the er & they did an ultra sound & took blood when they done the ultra sound they said they could not get a heart beat but this wasn't uncommon but the whole time i was thinkin ooo **** i misscarried, but i've been reading they usually dont detect a hearrtbeat till later on In pregnancy an at the time they said i was only 5 weeks n 6 days pregnate they never once said anything was wrong they said my pregnancy was right where it needed to be well now i've been having alot of brown bleeding like not alot alot but enough to scared me its been on & off along wif some lite bleeding which everywhere i've posted saying its implatent bleeding but understand this is my first pregnancy so im freaking oout i dont wana lose my baby anyways also  they've told me brown blood is old blood right so yeah can some ppl be not so rude and give me some reinsurance some ppl on yahoo answer we're very rude too me thanx again
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I not to sure about you misscarrieing but I know what you mean about the yahoo answer being rude. I was on there about over week ago asking about implant bleeding they can be really mean. All they say is go take a test I like i am but did anyone have this what was theres  like. Everyone here is nice. I hope everything works out with you.
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I've never been pregnant so i can't provide any advice other than what I've read from other women and other sites online. First, I would tell you to calm down b/c stressing yourself out is not good for your body or your baby. Second, there are many women who bled (had their periods) throughout their whole pregnancy. It's uncommon but it does happen. There are also women who bleed the first few months of their pregnancy and then stop. SOme doctors have told women they aren't pregnant when they are or that they miscarried when they didn't. Your doc said you were 5 weeks pregnant and they count from your last menstrual period (L.M.P.). So depending when you ovulated, you make REALLY only be 1 or 2 weeks pregnant which means you could be having your regular period. My best friend had her period and didn't know she was pregnant. it wasn't implantation, it was her actual period.

So, if you can, try to listen to some calming music and don't worry too much. You're body is going through a lot of changes right now and trying to adjust. If you have any major worries, see a doc asap. Otherwise, I say CONGRATS to you!!!
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