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Am i asking to much for my husband to give me a helping hand when he comes home from work?? He's doing landscaping works 7am to 5pm sometimes 6pm.. I'm a stay at home mom with 4 kids ages 9yr, 3yr, 2yr, and 1yr and I'm 14wks pregnant with baby #5..  my doctor considers me high risk pregnancy because all 4 of my babies came early 3 at 36wks one at 35wks.. i don't know why my body just won't seem to carry longer then 36wks.. anyways my doctor informs me that if you have a history of preterm labor the next baby could come earlier then the last therefore she doesn't want me doing much and to try staying off my feet..  when my husband comes home and falls asleep on the couch, or wants me to do,do,do for him because he's tired i get alittle aggravated and become alittle snappy.. Am i wrong for feeling this way and becoming aggravated with him because he's worked??
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No being a full time mom is a hard job too. He should understand if he already knows youre a high risk with this pregnancy so he should helo out a little
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I gotta say, you both must be exhausted. Landscaping is no easy thing to do & if i worked that many hours id want to die. Explain to him your situation! But also be considerate. Imagine if you traded places for a day to try to get an idea. Or try to get the kids to help out.
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I think you guys should split days. I mean although you're not out landscaping technically you're still working with four kids at home. Hell I have one at home and rarely can get a break. I think you should take him into consideration from being tired and he also need to take what you do into consideration. Especially being high risk. My husband thought I had it easy being home with our son until he was out of work and had to do it and he came to realization how much it really is. So some days husband should help you and some days just let him crash and rest.
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I'm here with you.  My husband owns a landscaping company and comes home at 9pm sometimes and still had to shower.  We made a deal if he gets a shower and have a bit of relax time then I can start asking him for things.  He often puts kids to bed first then showers if comes home early enough.  I only ask him for things I can't do. Good luck
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