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low fluid?

I had a 34 week u/s on monday to check my partial previa which we found out has moved and is no longer an issue, however today at my Dr's appointment she said my fluid is low. She said I need another u/s in 2 weeks which we couldnt get in so its 3 weeks from my last one. So 37 weeks, she said if its low or the same as last time she will induce me. I am not really concerned with being induced if that is what is best for my baby but I am wondering if this low fluid is of great concern? She also said my baby is measuring big, (35weeks 2 days) at exactly 34 weeks gestation. From what I have read this might be good since it means my placenta is feeding him. I dont know I am just worried....
plus I realized that I have been really wet, way more so than with my dd. I am wondering if maybe I am leaking fluid slowly. I didnt even think about it until hours after my dr's appointment. I guess maybe I should phone tomorrow and ask?

so has anyone had this? and has something encouraging to say?

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6.5 is still considered in the normal range.  5 and below is considered dangerously low.  At 34 weeks it's not adviseable to give birth soon unless it's an emergency.  At this point it's not considered that.  If the doctors were really concerned they would not wait 3 weeks for another ultrasound.
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One of the concerns with low fluid is intrauterine growth restriction, however, if your baby is measuring big, that's of no concern for you at this point.  Another concern is making sure the baby has enough fluid to practice breathing.  One thing you can do is make sure you stay PLENTY hydrated.  The range of "normal" fluid levels in the third trimester is pretty vast.  Most doctors consider anything from 5-25 normal.  

It's common later in pregnancy for the amniotic fluid level to drop in preperation of giving birth, but being as you are only 34 weeks that's not likely in your case.

If your level was too low your doctor wouldn't wait the 3 weeks for a repeat.  Most likely you are still within the normal range just at the very low end.  If you are concerned about leaking, you can either call your ob and go back to her or just go to L & D...a simple swab test can tell you if it's amniotic fluid or not.  

I had low fluid for most of my first pregnancy.  She suffered from IUGR, she was 18 1/4" and only 4 lbs 15 oz when she was born.  I ended up with an emergency c-section at 40 wks 3 days becuase there was NO fluid left.  When she was born she bent between her joints from being in such cramped space.  She spent 4 days in the NICU becuase it was mandatory for any baby under 5 lbs.  She is now a healthy 14 year old.  Mine was a pretty extreme case though and there were other issues with that pregnancy.

At this point I would just suggest that you stay well hydrated and take it as easy as possible until your next ultrasound.  Hopefully doing so will help increase your fluid level and baby will be able to "bake" a little longer :)
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What was the fluid index at? I wouldn worry until you have your next ultrasound i know it sounds stupid but the fluid could have been low because the baby maybe hadn't emptied it's bladder, that's what mine did mine was at 8 then the friday after it was 12 so, unless it remains low I think you'll be fine, drink plenty n rest a bit more
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I think she said it was 6.5. so on the low end for sure. I sorta of had an odd thought last night, as we alll know there is alot fo discharge while pregnant but it seems like there is alot more this time than with my dd. like my undies are soaked. I change them twice a day. TMI- u know when you can see the discharge either clear or whitsh in your panties well it seems like a few times a day i have a wet spot but nothing you can see. Now I am wondering if I am leaking fluid? I know when i sneeze or cough i do pee a bit.........but there are times when i havent and there is just a wet spot. I also find the smell is stronger than with my dd, not a bad odor just a stronger smell.

i phoned health link b/c my dr's is closed today and they said if i am worried got to the hospital where i am delivering and get a swab test done. I know it sounds bad but i have no babysitter today and cant even imagine bringing my 22 month old into an internal exam...........what should I do?
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Well if you suspect you have a leak you should deffinatly get checked out, don't you have any relatives around you who can look after them
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From what you've described ...at most you have a slow leak.  It will probably be ok to wait until this afternoon/evening when someone can keep DD.  

The only time amniotic fluid has a strong smell is when an infection is present, I doubt that's your case.  Most likely the smell you are smelling is the CM.  I got it REALLY bad with my last pregnancy.  It was so bad I was wearing a panty liner.  I also noticed that the bigger I got the "wetter" I felt down there...I finally realized it was SWEAT.  With all the extra blood flow and stuff it was just a lot hotter down there.  

I would defiantely get checked as soon as possible...it's always best to know for sure.  Keep in mind though that the tests can be wrong.  If you haven't leaked any around the time they do the swab it will come back negative so trust your instincts.  If you do go get checked and you continue to feel like you are leaking...if your intuition says something is wrong...go BACK to the hospital.   I was leaking the day I went into labor with my oldest DS. I went to the hospital around 830 am they said I was just peeing myself, it wasn't amniotic fluid.  I went home and still felt something was diff so I called my OB and she said to wait until they did shift change at the hospital and go back.  I went back around 330...tested positive for amniotic fluid and my son was born at 6:54.  ALWAYS trust your instincts.  Better they be wrong and you get checked than for them to be RIGHT and cause problems.  

IF you have a good stroller that can contain your DD it wouldn't hurt to take her with you.  Just park the stroller beside the bed/table so she can't see the other side of the sheet.
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From what I know, 7 points for fluid is ok but anything lower than that is low. If you have 6.5 then it is lower than should be and therefore, giving birth soon would be a good idea, thankfully your baby is measuring bigger!  If you have wet spots and they are clear, maybe you do leak fluid. Best to find out from the lab but be prepared to have this baby soon!
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I got your note but it won't let me pm or send you a note.  I did send a friend request to you tho.
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Hello people....my lady is 5 months pregnant but they told her she got low fluid but there is little water on the baby`s head and she feels fine and the baby`s heartbeat is ok eventhough she broke her waters on sunday....she is in hospital at the moment and the doctors said she might get easlily infected if there is anyone that went through the same thing i would really appreciate your advice and help. thank you
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