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mucus plug???

ok so i havent posted any questions in a while but i really cant rap my mind around this one...how early can you lose your mucus plug?? Can it be weeks before and i was just doing some research and they said on the net it can grow back??? true or not?? I just went to the bathroom( only pee) and i seen this really thick clump of clear but like yellowish ball of something in the toliet...could this have been my mucus plug?? Ive heard its a sign your cervix is dialating?? is this true also?? Im only 31 weeks and i wouldnt want to be dialating yet would i?? i know it wasent discharge because it was nothing like i have seen before and i never got to lose my mucus pulg with my first....any input ladies....should i go into l&d...?
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I also lost mine around 32 weeks and when I went in and got checked at my 36 week appt i was 80% effaced and 1cm dialated.. your body starts getting ready WAY before you actually have the baby, and like BTS said you can walk around for a month dialated to 2 cm it doesn't make any difference.. Your contractions usually wont get REALLY painful until you are dialated to about 5.. Dont worry about losing your plug.. its normal.
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This happened to me. I thought I was seeing things it was like snot in the toilet after I went to P......I see a high risk specialist and when I asked her about it she indeed told me that it can GROW BACK ALSO! That you can lose it at any time and you can grow another one. Something about its just in your cervix......it means nothing about going into labor anytime soon..........I'm no pro either but thats what I was told from my Dr. I've also seen and heard online and through friends that its a sign of labor. I'd go with my Dr's knowledge of it though..........Actually I was at about 27 weeks when I lost it and I am now 32 weeks no labor and no dialating yet!
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I lost my plug at about 32 weeks. It can grow back, but under certain circumastances. It usually grows back if it is forced out by rough sex(sorry) or rough vaginal exams. It won't grow back if you are having BH contractions regularly(sp). Mine hasn't grown back, it can be seen on a transvaginal ultrasound.

Losing your plug does mean dilation and effacement, unless anything was roughly inserted into the vagina.

It's 100% normal to be losing yours now, and it is 100% normal to be dilating and effacing at 31 weeks. You could dilate to 2cm and walk around for months until labor finally sets in. It isn't really a good indicator of labor, it is just an indicator of dilation and effacement.

It does sound like it was your mucous plug.
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You can lose it and have it come back. You shouls maybe PM Krissyy.. She had this happen fairly recently. I know one of the other board members (really active ones!) said it had happened to her as well, but I cannot remember who it was?

Sorry I am not that helpful, but if memeory serves, it did happen to Krissyy and she ended up being induced at 10 days (or so?) after her due date. I dont think it necessarily means you are dialating at all..

However, I am NO expert! Hopefully someone else can chime in as well! Good luck and keep us posted!
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