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pain in pregnancy

What could be the cause? I have terrible pain in my lower right abdomen, it is very painful especially when I use the restroom, the pain just gets worse. I am 3 months pregnant and last week at my appointment I told my doctor and he told me to suck it up and buy a maternity support belt. Well I bought a support belt and that just adds more pressure and makes it even worse. I was surprised that when I told him about the pain, he didn't even look into it or checked me out, he just told me to suck it up and buy a support belt. The pain is still very bad and I can barely walk sometimes that's just how bad the pain is. Someone help! They already labeled me as high risk because of my past pregnancies.

Well when I first went in his office, I had already told the nurse and I told him what I told her about the pain and thats when he said he had some good news and some bad news and he asked me which one I wanted first. I told him the bad news, he said the bad news is that you have to suck it up and buy a maternity support belt and the good news was that I was having a baby. I was so mad. Then after that he asked me questions about my past pregnancies and he said he was about to give me an ultrasound to check the baby's heart beat and to make sure I didnt have twins. He gave me an ultrasound after he already told me to suck it up and buy a support belt. I dont think he checked thoroughly because he didn't even mention the fibroid tumor that I have, that my last doctor observed before I even got pregnant. I didnt tell him about the fibroid tumor after he told me to suck up the pain because I wanted to see if he would catch it but he didnt. And like I said he didn't even say what the cause of the pain could be or anything, he just said to suck it up. I'm really concerned and I'm thinking about going to the ER on Saturday. I live in Japan and I have to deal with the Naval Hospital so the OB/Gyn is in the hospital so I'm afraid that if I go to the ER during the week, they may just send me upstairs to the OB/Gyn.
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It could be appendisitus.(I cant spell sorry) I suffered the same pain (But not whilst pregnant) or it could be the tumour. You need to go to ER. :) just to be safe, and then hit that doc in the face.
Go to ER, better to be safe than sorry :)
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Thanks, yes it very hard with the military. I will go to the ER on Sat!
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I would mention the fibroid tumor to the dr. I wish that you could just switch drs but i know with the military it's usually not possible. I would either go to the ER on Sat or tell the dr about the tumor. I bet it's the tumor causing pain. Sorry i don't have more info to give you.
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