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please help me!!!!me n my husband have been tryin 4 a year

my husband n i have i been tryin 4 a year to get pregnant n still no luck we  have tried almost evry trick n the book!!!ive been on the pill n just stopped takin them cause i was told it would help weve tried puttin my legs up so gravity can take take it from there. i mean weve almost tried everythin!! we r orderin those fertility aid pills (his n hers) n all that but still every month my period comes n im losing faith fast!! I cant track my ovualtion dated n do that ovualtion calander cause my period is never the same it last anywhere from 2 to 4 days last month it was 2 with a day n a half of spottin if anyone can help me give me more trick n teach me how to calacualte my period i would be very grateful we both would please help me n my husband finally start our family
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Have you been using OPK to predict when you are fertile?

Apart from ordering those fertility pills, it might pay to go to the doctor (both of you) and speak to him/her about this problem as they might be able to help you.

There could possibly be a problem with your partners sperm count aswell - maybe get that checked out?

If not, get him to run a test on you to see if you are actually 'ovulating' each month - you can do this yourself but if your not sure the doctor will be able to help you.

If neither of you have any problems, then it could just be the whole 'timing' thing.

You really need to be on top & track your ovulation coz if you estimate it at the wrong time you will prob not get pregnant. As soon as you know you are ovulating, do it as much as possible.

Good luck.

I am currently in the same process, but only on month 3.

I have tried everything, currently tracking my ovulation now (didnt the past 2 months) and am currently ovulating since yesterday. Got busy last night but will again today aswell.

I hope all goes well & you get your BFP soon (me too!)

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thank you but how do i calaulate it it never comes on time n only last 2 days they say you ovulate on the 13,14,r 15 day of your cycle but what does that mean i hope all goes well for you to gurl
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Hi sweetie, I know it is hard but don't loss the faith, your time will come. Have you been to the doctor because most of them say after trying a year & no luck you can go get checked to make sure everything is ok & believe me, there is nothing wrong with that because when I decided I wanted to get preggo I went & got everything checked to make sure everything is ok ( hormone levels checked, ultrasound) & I haven't even started to try yet. My husband got his sperm checked. Do you all take vitamins? You should start taking them if you don't (vitamins & folic acid). Your husband should take them also some people think it is not important for men to take vitamins but it is. It help their sperm count. I wish you the best of luck. I
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You need to take your basal body temperature every morning for at least three cycles...this will help you detect when you ovulate...you should check out a site called fertility friend for all the details, they have a 30 day free VIP membership and then you can decide to sign up and pay for the VIP or they just have a free membership that you can use to keep track of your temps and intercourse.  It is great!  
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one thing that i have read is that having sex in the am is the best way to get pregant. since his sprem count is up as long as you didn't do it the night before. ys, the longer you can wait in between the higher sperm count he will have. have sex every  2 to 3 days since sperm can live up to i want to say 36 hours after intercourse.
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The 1st day of your period is the 1st day of your cycle.

You count up from there, so if your period finishes after 2 days, you are on CD2.

I know you say your AF is irregular, so you should buy 2x Ovulation Kits (Just in case) and start using them on day 8-9. One Kit should have 7 ovulation tests in them.

Use the tests at the same time each day.

If after a week nothing comes up with a positive for ovulation, continue on with the 2nd pack, If you get your AF and all the ovulation tests show up negative , it is either you havent ovulated at all, or you ovulated earlier than when you started the ovulation tests.

If this is the case, then you might want to go to the doctor to get a checkup to see if you & partner is all good.
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You need to talk to your OBGYN and get referred to a fertility specialist. They can find out if either YOU or your Husband have fertility problems and help you work thru them if so.
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