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please help!

anyone spotted at 5 1/2 weeks brown? I am & I went to the doctor & so far everything is okay! But I was put on progesterone & still spotting brown.  I wonder how long I will be spotting.  I go back Monday for another sonogram!
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My dr told me that allot of woman do that.  Its only when it bright red you should be worried.  I did that with I first pregnancy.
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Thanks.  Do you remember how long you spotted for? I don't everytime I go to the bathroom but about every 4th time.
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I lost my baby at 20 weeks due to a dnc being done on me at 3 weeks... I was pregnant with twins.  They didn't do a ultra sound until after they had done the dnc an it caused a infection an i lost my baby.  My I did it ever few days or so.  the dr.s were not concerned about it.  They said that allot of ladys do that because of the pressure.  If it get bright red go to the er though.  An if there is any tissue... blood clots.... or gunk in it you should go to the er.  
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Thank you.  Sorry for your loss!  I too have had 2 miscarriages...not at 20 weeks but 1 at 6 weeks & 1 at 11 weeks.
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I have had 2 failed pregnancys but 3 loses.  I lost my twins then I was pregnant in my left in my left tube an it had to be removed.  Its ok... I put in in Gods hands.  This time is going to be differant... im almost 13 weeks.  Im sorry for your losses also.  
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Congratulations on you getting out of the 1st trimester :)-
So you think brown spotting is okay as long as it isn't red or pink?
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Call your dr an ask the nurse.  But I was told its normal.  Being that you have had mc's before an your high risk I would call an just check in.  Keep us posted.  An thank!  Dose the 2nd trimester start at 12 or 13 weeks?  Do you know?
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I know they do say that some "old" blood can come out.  My OBGYN's nurse said the blood may even be black.  But if your doctor says everythings ok, there isn't much else that can be done.  If you have any cramping or severe bleeding I wouldn't hesitate to go to the ER.  But on Monday they will hopefully be able to see something - it may be too early but you'll be 6 weeks so they should at least see something.  It's hard to say whether the spotting is normal, because someone have more spotting than others and some miscarry some don't.  Just be sure to be in contact with your doctor with any concerns.  When I m/c'd, I spotted for 5 days (as well as mild cramping) then on the 5th day it was like an extremly heavy period and I had severe cramping.  I'm not saying that the spotting is associated with misarraige, but you just need to keep an eye on everything.
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I would even consider a 2nd oppion if you are concered about it.
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I agree. Well I saw the baby on Monday w/ the heart flickering..just we couldn't hear it but my doctor said that was normal & that sometimes you don't see anything that early on.
KM604:  What color was yours when you were spotting?? Both of my miscarriages I was spotting pink then red.  Never brown! Just wondering! THANKS
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I spotted from weeks 5-11 with my first pregnancy, and my son is 2 and perfectly healthy.  I also spotted with my recent pregnancy, but I ended up having a miscarriage.  Both times, the blood was not bright red.  It was either pink or brown.  Good luck, and I hope this helps.
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I agree - everything I've been told is  you should only worry if it becomes red or heavy or really painful. It is so common to spot brown in early pregnancy. Sounds like yours is really light which is great. And great that you already saw the heart beating, as that drops your chance of miscarriage drastically! You should let your doctor know though, especially with your history of miscarriage, they'll probably want to check you out.

Good luck, KUP, and try not to worry!
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