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pregnant after miscarriage?? is it possible??

took 7 (yes 7!!!) preg tests all positive
two days later in the ER
and miscarrying
they called it a chemical pregnancy
since i was only 4-5 weeks far
that's friday aug 6th i go to the oby
she said everything looks Fine you can start after you stop bleeding
she did sonogram and all to make sure everything was out down there!
now had sex unprotected 4 times since i stopped bleeding
all i had were very minor cramps when i miscarried that's all but
days after having sex i was cramping each time i had sex!!
so Major cramps and my lower back os sore
but my boobs for the last couple of days now have been
extremely sore
and when i put extremely i mean i hurts to have a bra on!
super sensitive
i;ve had my gag moments but thrown up once
dizzy light headed!
plus i dont know if this has to do wuth pregnancy but im starting to notice
these little red veins all over my boobs i never had before!! :/
i took a pregnancy test today and positive!!
its the digital kind!!
last week i took one and it was neg!!
can this be true?/??
im feeling bad cramps as i write this and im scared
can i lose this baby???

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congratulations :D and good luck, all will go well for you this time!
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i went to my doctor today and i AM pregnant =D
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Yes you can get preg right after a Miscarriage. I got pregnant in the same week as my miscarriage. And because your last pregnant miscarried doesnt mean your next one will. 1 in 5 pregnancies miscarry.

But yeah I lost my baby on the Tuesday 13th April... I concieved on April 18th... :)

So it can happen:)

Sorry for your loss

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I think congrats are in order for you... I went through this same situation last month.. Had a chemical pregnancy on july 18... bled for 4-5 days.. Now pregnant again.. Had a blood test and u/s today.. Everything seems good so far.. Wishing you a safe and healthy 9 months..tc. Visit ur ob soon.
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strted bleedign aug 1 ended the 7th but i only had heavy bleeding for like 3 days i was spotting for the rest!! :)

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Im sorry to hear about your miscarriage and congrats on the pregnancy can i ask how long did the bleeding frm the miscarriage last and how soon after did you strt bedin sorryif im being to nosey.
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It's very possible. Women frequently ovulate soon after a m/c. If you got a positive digital test, then it looks like congratulations are in order! I would go back to the OB asap. I pray that your chemical pregnancy was a one-time thing and that this one sticks. I know all about chemical pregnancies. I've had several of them, along with a couple of miscarriages, too. I wish you the very best for a sticky bean and a happy & healthy 9 months! Please keep us posted!
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If you had a negative pregnancy test and now a positive it sounds like a new pregnancy to me! I got pregnant right after I had a miscarriage and now have a healthy 2 1/2 year old. Try not to worry about cramping since although very uncomfortable its considered completely normal in early pregnancy. Its only when you get cramps that are EXTREMELY painful to the point that you are doubling over that you should be worried.
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