My boyfriend and I just found out we are having a little girl. He really wanted a boy. I feel like he may be a bit more distant because my baby is a girl.. I could be over reacting but I'm sad about it. I love my baby and she loves her daddy when he comes around she goes wild in my belly. I'm just unsure if he feels the connection. Is it too early for me to worry?? Do men fall in love aftet the baby os born?? I just don't want my baby girl to feel the distance from her dad.
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They say men dont feel that special bond we do until after baby is born, no need to be worried (:
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My husband loves his baby girl! Sometimes it takes men awhile. They don't feel like a dad til baby is here. And if he doest jump in right away that's ok too. My husband can't sit still so when our daughter was a newborn I could sit and hold her all day. Not him though. Once she started moving around and smiling he was more involved. Or feeding time. They come around.
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My husband is in love with our little girl. I know he will be an awesome dad. They don't get to experience a lot right now like we do with feeling baby move and all but I'm sure your husband will be in love as soon as she makes her way into this world. We've been blessed with such a wonderful gift regardless of gender. Congratulations on your baby girl. I know she will bring you both lots of joy and fill your hearts with love
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My boyfriend was the same way. He seemed mad that it was a girl. He had no reaction when we found out. In a few days he did come around and then months later got excited.  She will be his best friend.  She goes nuts when he is around. Kicks when his hand is on the belly or she heats his voice. It will be okay.
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My brother and his wife have three gorgeous girls and he has always wanted a son.  It took him a while to come to terms each time but now he is so in love with all of them.  Hope everything works out for you!
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My husband went silent and wouldn't talk for a while after we found out we were having a girl. He was incredibly dissapointed. But our baby girl is now almost 11 months and she is his whole world. The second she was born he didn't care anymore because that was HIS baby regardless of the gender.
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Were having a girl. He went very quiet after tech said it was a girl. We got to his parents and he said i don't know what to do with a girl. This is the 1st girl born in his family. He is still trying to grasp the fact its a girl.
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A lot of us struggle to even conceive. I hope everyone realizes what a blessing and a miracle it is to have children regardless of their genders
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Amen ellen.
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Mine too, he was very obsessed with wanting a boy and found out a girl and he really went distant. But now he loves her and she's 5 weeks  (: he's just trying to get me to have a boy now! Lol don't worry they come around sometime it takes some longer then others.
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My ex got up and walked out of the room and left the ultra sound clinic when we were told we were expecting a girl.  That was a great warning sign he was a fool and I shouldn't have stayed with him. Your partner is just feeling a slight twinge of disappointment thst will hopefully very soon be over powered with love for his little princess. I just had my third baby which is a girl with my new partner. It was his first. The ultrasound technician told us it was a boy for 100% sure and she came.out a girl. He was shocked as was I but we have never been happy and he adores his angel...how can you not when you see them ;)
For everyone on here saying we should all just br happy our babies are healthy and we can conceive she has never said she isnt happy or that her partner isnt. She asked a question for reassurance.  That is after all what this app is about.  People arent robots they are humans and with that comes faults because no ine is perfect. Hiw about supporting rather than pointing out the obvious or staying silent if you find the post offensive.  
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I had boy/girl twins. When I was pregnant, my hubby seemed excited to have a boy, and I would have to remind him that he was having a daughter too. Now I have to remind him that he has a son, as our little girl is his pride and joy (of course he loves them both). Guys are funny...they don't realize how much their hearts melt around little girls until they have their own. You'll see.  
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My husband was disappointed when we found out we were having our second girl but head came around it, he loves her as much as our other daughter now. But I was too disappointed up until 3 months ago:). You boyfriend will come around and love her just as much as a boy, you just wait :). She will have him wrapped around her little finger.
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@Ellen we tried for 2 years and used fertility meds for 6months of the 2 years. We are super happy when we found out he's just thinking teenage years already... boyfriends, dances, periods all the teenager stuff... lol I told him she doesnt pop out a teenager.. he just looked at me... lol
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Same thing happened to me he really wanted a boy but he tried to seem excited and I started crying because he wasn't excited at all then he told me that he didn't care as long as his bbygirl wa healthy don't worry girl they always come around and in some cases the girls are the ones that follow around the dad more then the mom just give him time :)
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I did post two replies. I was only pointing out the obvious as well. In no way was I being unsupportive here. Sorry if you took offense here.
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My husband has had those concerns too. I think it's a normal reaction to want to protect your child. Even if he is way ahead of himself thinking wise lol. I know you both will raise her well :)
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My partner wanted a boy but as soon as the ultrasound technician said it was a girl he started tearing up. He was so happy. She's now 2 years old and he is her world and vise versa. We are now currently pregnant with our 2nd :) everyone reacts differently :)
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I got to thinking and I think guys feel this way because they now think of everything they've done as a boy growing up and what they did.to girls. They think what if a boy does that to my baby girl?! I think that is why they have this client reaction or seem upset. Just a opinion/thought.
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