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suction during labor!

okay so heres my question and its not to scare anyone but i was having a talk with my mother today and even though im not due to june, the conversation came up about having the baby suctioned (if stuck) my best friend had a quack doctor and when he suction her baby out it left him with cerebal palsy and the other day different dr did the same thing and left another baby with CP.........it scares the hell out of me cause the dr that did it this time is my dr i am seeing now! hes a great dr and he delivered my daughter but i wanna tell him that if and when i have this baby that i dont want it to be suctioned, if it dont come give me a c-section!   but how can i say that without it affecting my care!!!!!
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I would just tell him that you have heard alot of scarey stuff about it and if the baby is in disress and needs to get out you would rather have a c-section. But honestly I wouldnt worry to much. Usually when they suggest using a suction it gives you the urge to push harder. At least thats what happened with my first, I still cant remember if they ended up using it or not. Everything was a blur. Usually the suction cup is use to help ease out a baby when mom is too tired from pushing so long, not when baby is acually stuck. If there is a problem and baby wont fit, it is then that the talk of a c-section comes up.  Im sure everything will be fine:-)
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They have to suction baby, ESPECIALLY if you have a c-section (they deep-suction them in the event of a c-section or in the event there is meconium in the sac).

I would, instead, look into another doctor.

"While in certain cases there is no identifiable cause, other etiologies include problems in intrauterine development (e.g. exposure to radiation, infection), asphyxia before birth, hypoxia of the brain, and birth trauma during labor and delivery, and complications in the perinatal period or during childhood.[3] CP is also more common in multiple births."
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Oh now I feel stupid. You mean a vacuum suction?! I thought you meant suctioning out their mouth and nose!!!
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OMg thats horrible! I don't want mine suctioned either! I thought that the only risks were a weird head (that would later go back to normal, but still!)
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no a vaccum suction is what i meant sorry for not being more clear!!!!!! kayleigh was suctioned cause she was stuck, she was suctioned, then forcepped out and i was cut!! i only pushed 10 minutes so i was far from tired!!!!!! and my epideral didnt work so i was feeling all that pain and was ready to get her out!!!!!!
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my son was suctioned and hes just fine
but i guess it depends on the doctor doin it?
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was suction used in emergency situations? if that was the case there likely wasn't time for a c section and the baby may have died if not delivered immediatley. Remember no doctor is going to want to do something that may cause harm unless absolutely necessary--like risky death for the baby if not immediately delivered. Good Luck.
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Many times a baby is suctioned because there is a complication indicating the use of suction to assist in getting the baby out quickly.  At that point a C-Section is usually out of the question because of times limits and also baby's position.  It is scary, and I'm no Dr., but what I've come across in reading shows that it's more likely the situation that led to the vacuum that is responsible for the CP than the actual vacuum assistance itself.
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I am agree with Mikaleen... They used a suction on my son because he had a drop in his heart rate and he was not coming out as fast as they would have liked. So my doctor used the suction first and couldnt get a good grip, so then he used forcips. My son turned out just fine. I never even knew there where any risk to the suction. But the whole time, he was using the tools, he seemed to be very careful and easy! He was very gentle and my baby boy came out with a scratch on his head. His head was perfectly round. With my other 2, I didn't need any assistance. I'm pretty for sure that's only used if need be. If you are really worried about it, I would just sit down and talk to your doctor about it. I am sure he can explain it to you and make you more comfortable.
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there wasnt anything wrong with my daughter during the time of suction but i dont know about the baby who ended up with CP......the dr i see always induces though maybe thats the problem baby just wont come out since its not time too
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I dont think I know anyone who had to have the baby suctioned but it seems really scary! I would most def express your concerns to your  would also suggest that you get an u/s close to when the baby is due to check the weight of the baby since I do know that if the baby is larger then that may increse the need for it!
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