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which infant formula is best and easy on the stomache

which infant formula is best and easy on the stomache
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I started using Similac Advanced when I had to stop breastfeeding my daughter.
She never had a problem with it.
Her ped said it was closest to breastmilk.
I'd try it.
WIC will cover it if you have WIC!
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I used Nestle Good Start and DS never had a problem with it.

I think most formulas claim to be closest to breastmilk, it's a marketing thing....
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I used Similac and never had any issues with it.
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when dd first came off breastmilk, we tried similac and enfamil. she was gassy and fussy. She did much better on Nestle Good Start. When she was older, she was able to take anything, even generic.
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Similac Advance with Earlyshield...supposed to be the closest form of formula to breastmilk, thats what the ped told us.. good luck hun! my daughter is still on this formula and she is now 8 months old.
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Yeah I use the Similac Advanced with Earlyshield.
I've never heard anyone complain about that one.
You should talk to your ped though. She'll know which one would be the best for your baby.
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I use Good Start, and my ds is doing great with it. Plus, if you sign up on the Good Start website, you will get $12.00 in checks to use towards formula every month.
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I used Enfamil Prosobee Lipil (soy formula). The cow-milk formula is really hard on baby's tummies.

I'm interested to try this Similac stuff everyone is raving about on here, in the event I need to.
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If Trinity has MSPI (milk/soy protein intolerance) and struggles to digest a milk or soy based formula (fusiness, gas, bowel issues, eczema...lots of symptoms)...there are options such as Similar Alimentum or Enfamil Nutramigen.  They are hypo-allergenic formulas where the milk/soy proteins are COMPLETELY broken down so it's easier to digest.  If even those formulas cannot be tolerated, you can resort to Neocare or Elecare (doctor prescribed).  :)  

Any formula advertised as "gentle" or "sensitive" usually means the milk/soy proteins are PARTIALLY broken down and are therefore easier on the stomach.

Good luck to you!  :)

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We started with similac advance but it is a cow's milk product and it turns out my son is allergic to cow's milk so we have to use the soy isomil advance by similac but it says that it is easier to digest and is for gassy/fussy babies as well.  We formula feed while I'm at work and I nurse on demand while I'm home...I can only pump 10min at work so I can never pump enough for him to eat during the day...
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I used Good Start with my first and she did well.  My second is almost 8 weeks and Good Start didn't work for her so she is on Similac Advanced (as suggested by ped). She has been on it for a month now and doing well on it.
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My son had GERD and the the only thing he could tolerate was Enfamil's Gentlease. He was taking meds too but he would still throw up every other formula but that one!
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I have always used similac brand but had to bounce around between the sensitive, reg and soy just to find the right fit for each baby. With my 3rd son I had to use nutramagin (sp?) because he had GERD. That along with the meds and that was a great fit. When he was about 6-7 months we went back to the reg similac and everything was fine. I have numerous friends that swear by nestle good start though. Either way you may need to try a few diffrent ones untill you find one that works:)
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BTW- to add to what Riot_Queen said about the WIC. If you find a formula that works besides similac, you can get a script from your doctor and WIC will cover it:) At least the did with me. I wish I got WIC now............formula is expensive:(
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