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Pregnant again

Has anyone else been pregnant after a loss?
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Hi.  I had a mc 27th Sep this year.  I am pregnant again.  After the mc (the pregnancy was very early on 43 days) they checked my hcg it was down to 2.  They had been checking it every 48hrs and it wasn't doubling but was rising.  I have had about ten hpts and have seen my doc to conf.  I am currently waiting for the hosp to call with an early scan appt.  So fingers crossed.  I have had some light spotting.

I should prob say that I have had 3 mcs and an ectopic prior to having my son who is now 2 years old.  So it is possible.  Just keep going at it.  It'll happen eventually.  xxx
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PS just had a quick nosey - I'm new to all this.  Congratulations on your current pregnancy. sorry if the prev post wasn't relivant.xx
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I have two boys (6.5 and 4).  Both were easy pregnancies - and I had no problems getting pregnant, even though I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 18. (32 now).  After the second boy, I starting having pain again.  Tried the pill, body rejected it.  Did two 6-month rounds of Lupron, now I am having trouble concieving.  Tried on my own for 5 month, got put on Clomid last month.  Found out I was pregnant 5 days ago, but my HCG levels were too low.  Starting bleed, but no cramps or mc.  Had an ultrasound, all was fine.  Got more blood tests back yesterday, levels dropped another 50%.  My Dr said to prepare for a mc, stop taking hormone supps.  Really?  I mean, that's it?  This is my first troubled pg, so I am not sure what to expect.  Thoughts anyone?
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Hi, I'm sorry to hear whats happened to you, I know that this is horrible experience.  I'm refusing to have my hCG's measured at the mo as I think that the stress that it causes can do more damage than what you can learn (given that you have ruled out ectopic from a scan).  Your scan sounds positive so hold on to that and try to remain calm.  

I was told  that hCG values should double every 48hours but I've read numerous stories from ladies where this didn't happen and they still had a healthy baby.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and wish you all the best.  Take care.  xxx
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I had two extremely healthy pregnancies with two beautiful girls as a result.  We were pregnant for our third two years ago.  I lost the baby at 9 weeks.  It was a terribly traumatic experience for my husband and I.  HOWEVER,,,,I am pregnant again...in my 11th week and things seem to be going ok.  I'm on progesterone supplements for one more week as my levels were really low, but so far, so good.

It takes a great deal of time to get over the loss of a child, but don't be afraid to try again.  If it works, it is soooooo worth it!!!!!!!!!!

Thinking of you!
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