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Hello everyone!!

i hope everything is good with all of you girls!!

for those of you who know me and know my story...its been a long and hard yr...yeah i still cannot believe it myself that a yr has went by!

Gabriel just turned ONE!! over the weekend....it was a great time, i was soo happy that day like never before!!
We just went to his 1 yr old check up and it went great also...hes 31 inch and 23 lbs!!  basically the size of a normal full term 1 yr old...even dough he was born at 24 weeks and 1 lbs 7 oz. !!

I want to thank everyone who has been soo supported trought the whole situation, we still have a lot ahead of us but now the worst is in our past!!  

Thank you all again!!!!!!


Elisa...and Gabe <3
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Such a big step.
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yes it has been indeed!! Thanks hun :)
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I just saw the pictures of Gabriele, wow is he Gorgeous. those eyes are amazing. just wanted to tell you  that I appreciate your all your incorageing words that helped me thru the scary times. Michael is now 8mos 5m0s ajusted and is doing wonderfully. we're working on turning over.anyway thank you and may GOD continue blessing you and your family. ;)
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Thanks! Gabriele is ding soo good...hes getting so big..hes now 14 months and wears size 24 months! ahaha hes been rolling over but now that hes crawling he dosent roll over anymore and he gets into more trouble. Hes a very happy baby i cant complain..hes a good baby too, its been an amazing year..i was thinking about you the other day...wow Michael is already 8 months!!!! how is he doing? was he sent home on oxygen? what about feedings does he do ok? has he needed any surgery..his eyes? sorry all these questions just want to make sure the little guy is ok...how much does he weight? it would be nice to see a pic of him...lol

And dont thank me i didnt do anything special, i love to help people and talk about my experience...but every baby is unique. May God bless Micheal each and every day and also his family.

take care hun

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