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Just needing support

I am 23 with an 9yr old & 4yr old me an my kids father have recently enjoyed our newest member KAHDEN he has come at 24 weeks on the head an this is my 1st preemie I basically here too seek help an support thru these hard times mayb some one here can relate too me........
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Hi!  I hope Kahden is doing well!  I'm glad he at least waited to 24 weeks!!  I have a 35 week preemie who just turned one. The NICU can be a scary place but you quickly get used to the beeps of monitors and alarms ;). Wishing you all the best
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Hi there! Just wanted to say that my daughter was born 8 weeks early. She was in nicu for a month and was almost care lifted at birth. It's scary to have such a small baby my daughter weighed 4 lbs on the dot she was tiny. It's really scary having a baby early and them being so small and of course having to see them with tubes is the worse. The doctor told me she would be small for her age till she was 5 by the time she was 3 mos she weighed what a normal 3 month old should weigh! She caught up quick. The best advice I can give u is to love that lil baby and be very patient. Being w premi ur gonna have some problems
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