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difficulty feeding preemie

Our preemie girl (born 5 weeks early, now weighing 5lb) was just released from the NICU today and we're really nervous about her feedings. Her being discharged was based upon her being able to eat at least 43 mL of milk at every feeding (every 3 hrs.) She was able to keep that up for 24 hours straight so doc said she was ok to come home. But now that we've been home for 3 feedings she has only taken 25mL, 35mL then finally 45mL. She gets so tired and fussy at the end of her bottle that she doesn't finish the last bit. We want to introduce breast feeding but she tires very easily and doesn't nurse continuously. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to getting a sleepy preemie to finish a feeding?? We're so stressed/worried about her being able to gain weight while at home.
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i had the same problem with my primee baby.. the only thing i could do was undress her and tickle her feet...and if she would still fall asleep i would just let her sleep and feed as often as possible.. and not follow the 3 hour feedings... i hope this help.. (my daughter is now 6 months and healthy)
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the stress of coming home can affect babies and stress can easily affect how much they eat and how often for a short time.

As long as she gets back to the 43ml feedings within 24 hrs she should be alright.
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