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steroid shot for preterm labor

I am 29 weeks and 5 days today. I have been having preterm labor and I go in tomorrow for steroid shots. How is this procedure done? and will I have the baby soon after? This is my 4th pregnancy and all past pregnancies have been preterm but I was never given a steroid shot before. So any info would be great.. wasnt sure how and what would happen. Thanks...
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a steroid shot is just a simple shot in your butt muscle and then you get a second dosage exactly 24 hours later.  That helps mature the lungs and brain faster.  It will not have any effect on your going into labor.
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i took a steriod shot with my son to help develope his lungs and i still had him 3days later at 27wks but after having him early they have given me progesterone shots with my daughter and with this pregnancy and my daughter was full term. so i can't believe with you having a history that they aren't doing something to help you carry full term!!!
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I am new to this forum (just saw it on the list of forums) and wanted to say hello. I also was in the hospital at 29 weeks 3 days with bleeding and contractions. I had a shot of betamethasone (the steroid) in my leg muscle and then again 24 hours later. Well, I am 33 weeks and 2 days now and I am still hanging in there. I am on strict bed rest and haven't had any more bleeding (have complete placenta previa) but I did have to go to L&D on Wednesday because I was having contractions again. They gave me a shot of terbutaline and some IV fluids and let me go home after three hours of monitoring. I guess in short, it doesn't always mean that you will have the babies soon after the steroid shots.
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Hey Trudi!

I have been wandering about you.  (Left you a msg earlier today.)

I was happy to stumble upon this forum also.  I have a history of preterm labors myself, and am especially concerned now that I found out I'm having twins.  (I'm sure you can relate!)  Unfortunately, this forum is pretty dead most of the time.  I still wish MedHelp would do a Multiples forum.  They have everything else, so why not?  LOL

I'm 10 weeks now, and my dr. wants to start me on weekly progesterone injections beginning in my 16th week.  Maybe that will help keep me from going too soon.  The main thing is you have to start them between 16-20 weeks for it to work, I think.

Speaking of IV fluids, I have noticed I feel dehydrated most of the time.  Specifically at night.  I never had this problem before.

Take care!  Keep me posted!
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I am alsoexpecting twins!!!  Ive been recieving the pergesterone shots since week 17.. im currently 30 weeks and holding strong.. They did give the steriod shots rwo weeks ago, to boost babies lungs just incase , they decide to see the world early... the weekly shots hurt.. have your nurse put them hire up on your waist line, it saves from having the hip pain at bad time.. Hope this helps
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I am 33 weeks pregnant i had contractions last week and i admitted to hospital to have 3 shoots every 12 hours for baby lungs then tractoceil for 24 hours  and now am taking trebutalin tablets for 4 days
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so im 24 weeks in 2 days and they offered me these injections due to the fact that i went into prelabor a month ago so i was wondering when should i get them and how long does it take to get to the baby, did any of you have the same problem so early in a pregnancy? Will the injection make me have him sooner?
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hello I had to be hospitalized at 23 weeks after my cerclage did not hold up. Being that I planned to         do all I can for her they gave me the steroid shots. I am currently 26&1  unfortunately I am still hospitalized & will be until I give birth. my doctors tell me its best to get the shots closest to when u deliver because it has a better outcome & u can only be given the injections twice. so they are holding off on my second dose as long as possible.   very thankful that my babygirl is holding on. good luck to u
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His I'm being hospitalized at 23 weeks due to high blood pressure and protein in my urine. They are giving me my first round of steroid shots tomorrow at 23w3d. They know he will be born early so they are taking all precautions. If your having complication the shots will be givin if the outcome would be better sooner then later like my situation.
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