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Will anyone ever stand up to social services ?

I heard only the other day of a family of 5 children who were very large,
Both parants were also large and over wieght. so they all argeed to go to the doctor for advice,
He told they were all very over wieght. so they all went on a diet to loose wieght, 6 months later they had all lost a mass amount of weight, the doctoer was very happy with thier weight loss,
Then came a knock at the door a social service worker stood thier they ask her in, only to find that the childrens school had called them saying that the parants were starving thier children,
The children were removed and the parants taken to court, the judge would not stand up to the socail services and the children were put into care,
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Wow !!! You sound so much like my dad he trianed as a SW, during his trianing he went out with a teaching SW to a family of 3 children and 2 parants, who had been reported to the SS by a health worker due to the bad conditions that the children were living in, They talked to the parants and my dad started to help them to tidy the house up, it took them 3 hours to do the whole house, this saved them both 4 hours of paper work, but left the children with the parants with the understanding that they had to keep the place tidy for 6 months or they would come back and take the children away, They never did have to take the children away but due to the teachers report about how they cleared up the house. when my dad past his test he never was offered a post at any SS in england,

He has advised me so much on thier ways, that they never want him at any of our meetings and they will not come to the house when he is here,

But can still not tell us who we can get to help. but he is working on it. and our day will come soon,

thank you for all your comments and i hope we can work to bring the SS to trial one day soon,
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Your dead right, no-one will listen and if they do they do NOTHING. I love all my children equally, I love them unconditionaly and this will never change, however, if I had my time over again, I would NOT be a mother. Not for me but for the children, after a protection conference, the SW, the Chair and all involved go home, where as I put the children with their father, all my children wanted was to be with me and I with them but to me I wasnt a danger to my children, SS were though, but I was the accused even though knew I hadnt done anything wrong, if the children were not with me they theroretically would not be at risk. Having to listen to all the lies, listening to them was so humiliating, degrading, it nearly destroyed me, you cannot show too much emotion because then you are a hysterical mother, dont show enough emotion and you're classed as not caring and either way it can be classed as your child is at risk.For my children it was hurrendous, they couldnot understand why I did nothing, why I worked with them and didn't rip each 1's head off, all I could say was 'when the time is right all hell will be let loose'and I meant it.
Over the yrs I learned how to win, win with knowledge and fancy words and not by shouting, swearing and violence.
I got to know wot they were going to say when I asked a question, who was going to sigh and who just didnt take any notice. So, a few days before a meeting Iwould get clued up from Inspectorites reports, and use the negative bits out of the report as explanationsas to why my son wasn't having access to any of the services.
They hate me with a passion and thats why after 10yrs of being bullied by them our file is now closed but most of all my son is accessing everything he needs at their expense, so NOW the time is right.
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Well done to you,
I wish there were more people like your self out there,
I live in a small town of 14000 people and in the last 8 months 16 children have been removed from parants, NONE have been returned,
I believe that SW are paid a sum of money for each child they remove. and they have Gov targets that they have to reach. or thier office's would be closed down.
Do you know it cost's us the tax payers up to £2500 per week to keep a child in temp foster care ?
The law needs to be changed.
I dont know about your SW but we have found that most of our SW are polish. 1 we have prove on has only been in this country for 6 months. how would he know our laws on children ?

But who listerns to us? NO ONE.
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It wud be nice if ALL SW were sacked and a whole newlot were taken on to start again. These new ones wud be more feeling more understanding, even my sons psychiatrist, whoi admire and respect, wont stand up to them, the r a law to themselves, I have named and shamed every single1  that my son has had,
It sicken s me with wot they r allowed toget away with
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Hi cheekipixi48
I feel so sorry for your self and your family, And i am glad that you have managed to sort out your young man,
My back ground is i had 3 children 2 girls 1 3 years old the other 1 1/2 year old then came my son born in Oct 2011 he was with us for 8 weeks and he passed away in his sleep in Nov 2011. that same day only 5 hours later the SS came into my home and removed my other 2 children saying "well you don't want them to die do you" I am still fighting to get them back,
We have been to every organisiation that we can think of but all we keep hearing about is DATA PROTECTION ACT this act was set up to protect Children from all thier details being left open for any one to veiw. but sadly the SS hide behind it, and we have found the police, judges, health workers etc: will not stand up to the SS as they fear that they will be out of work, so the SS are now above the law,
If you have not already done this writting to your MP may help. we found one who had just stepped down from his role and is willing to help. but even he is not willing to be named as he has young grandchildren and he is worried about them being taken away,
It would be nice if we all could get together and change not the DATA law but the way it is used,
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Yes most definately I would, I have and I am standing my ground with SS, they are txt book monsters.
I have 6 children, my 5th child was completely different from the others and I noticed this when he was about 12-18mths, this was when my search for help started. Everywhere I went I hit a brick wall, every service I tried to access for him SS put the block on, when he was 6yrs he was diagnosed with ADHD,ODD, learning difficulties, dyslexia and severe behavioural problems and medication started the next day. He is 12 yrs old now and in those 10yrs of tring to get him help, SS have blamed me, tried to have me committed, threatened many many times they were going to take ALL my children, they refused a SEN, refused a Carers assessment, refused family counselling and wanted my son to be schooled at home with only 5hrs per week tuition.15 social workers, a very supportive psychiatrist and me never giving up my son has aSEN attends an out of county special needs school,were SS partly pay for and SS have closed our file. All that heartache SS caused my family and for what????????????
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