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1st stage prostate cancer: to operate or not?

56 years diagnosed with 1st stage prostate cancer.

Consulted 3 doctors.

1. One said to operate.

2. Second said not to operate and keep observing.

3. Third said you can operate OR keep observing.

So 50/50 split.

What would you do?

How to reach the right conclusion?

Are there ways to prevent further development of cancer?

Hard to evaluate risk/reward in this case and looking for help.

Also, is DaVinci surgical device better than classical operation? Any advice about this?
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I'm sorry for your diagnosis, but you're right to ask all the questions.

Here are some things that may help -



Is surgery the only option they've mentioned? What about radiation? Have they mentioned your PSA level, your Gleason score?

You can read more about those here - https://www.cancer.gov/publications/patient-education/prostate-cancer-treatment-choices.pdf


There are side effects to everything. The booklet I linked above lists those.

I found these on the DaVinci -



If they're even mentioning the watching and waiting approach, you have some time to make this decision. Don't rush it. And I've given you a lot of info, take your time to read it all. Only you can decide the best option for you, your health, and your life/lifestyle.

It's so good that it was caught early, because you do have options. Let us know how you are, and what you decide. Best wishes to you. :)
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