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PSA went from 25 to 33 in one month. Still waiting to have prostate biopsy

My boyfriend, who is 59 with no previous history of any cancer, had a physical done two months ago and his PSA was 25. He was referred to a urologist, who he saw a couple weeks ago, who performed a DRE a found what he felt to be a small hardened area, no enlargement of the prostate.

A repeat PSA at the beginning of April is 33. An increase from 25 to 33 in about a month. The doctor had him scheduled for a prostate biopsy May 24. We called today to ask about the sharp increase in PSA and they moved his biopsy up to next Tuesday, April 26.

He is also experiencing fatigue, some minor urinary retention but no other urinary symptoms, and he has been having severe low back pain.

Should we be asking for any kind of CT scan, bone scan, MRI prior to waiting for the biopsy and results? We are of course thinking the worst.

Is there anything else that could possibly be causing the PSA to be THAT high?! He did have a kidney stone a couple years back verified by CT scan, and although the pain went away, he never saw or felt a stone pass. I read that a kidney stone can get stuck in the prostate and can cause elevated PSA. I know I’m just grasping at straws here as I’m hoping this isn’t advanced cancer with mets. Although I’ve been an RN for 25 years, my specialty is not urology nor oncology.

Also, he has not been prescribed any medications after seeing his primary Dr or his urologist. Not sure what, if any, meds he should
be taking or asking for? Would flomax help at this point?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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An elevated PSA is scary. Unfortunately, there is a lot of waiting and down time with it. They'll do a lot of things to get you very alarmed and then schedule something for 5 weeks later.

BonzoDog, one of our other members, wrote a post a few months back that mentions some other things he might want to do and make sure he gets done - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Prostate-Cancer/Prostate-cancer-recurrence-/show/3068149?sort_by=oldest

You might also want to look into some of these and talk them over with this doctor while you wait for the biopsy -


Research everything. Just start googling terms, like PSA or whatnot. You only get so much time with the doctor, and even the best doctors just can't tell you everything.

I know it's super scary right now. Whatever happens, whatever the results, remember that there is always hope. He's young, and you are on top of this. My dad was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of PC, and had a 15% 5-year survival rate. He was 70. He lived more than 12 years, and had other serious health issues that complicated things.

Keep us posted.
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Btw, an infection can cause elevated PSA
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Flomax will help urinary flow, also might want to get a multi parametric MRI of the prostate which can be very helpful.
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