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Prostate Surgery

I am scheduled to have Robotic Surgery to remove my Prostate and two enlarged Stomach Lymp Nodes on November 29, 2011. If anyone out there my age that has had this surgery please let me know what to expect, pain after, sexual disfunction, ect... All I see on here is older men than myself and what they are and have gone through. I keep getting told by my Urologist and Oncologist that this is the fastest and most extreme case of Prostate Cancer they have ever seen in a man my age.

I have been through Chemotherapy and hormone injections for the last 5 months. Had to stope the Chemo after my third sesssion due to the severe dehydration that causd me to be in the hospital for three days.
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Hi there!

With a radical prostatectomy you can expect a 1-5 day hospital stay. Erectile dysfunction occurs in around 60-80% of patients and can be managed post-operatively with medications/ devices. Pain/ discomfort may last a few days-weeks. Patients may also experience urinary difficulties/ bleeding which would need to be managed appropriately. Strenuous physical exercises and lifting heavy weights may need to be avoided for sometime following surgery. You may like to discuss the post-operative recovery in detail with your treating doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I wish I had an answer for you. I am hoping you came through the surgery well (I'm writing this a month to the day after your scheduled surgery). My husband was diagnosed with a VERY high grade prostate cancer (gleason 10), just before Thanksgiving and has not yet begun treatment. I do not think in his case, anyway, that surgery is a good idea, as he's 72 and has pretty severe emphysema and other chronic health issues.
I am hoping that, due to your much younger age, that you'll come through the surgery with flying colors and that it can get all the cancer.
Good luck.
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