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What to do for pins and needles sensation in my skin?

I am a 56 year old woman who developed psoriasis in October 2012.  My psoriasis in under control, with the exception of my scalp.  When I started tanning, the lesions all over my body went away.  I am now and have for some time now experiencing skin discomfort.  It feels like I have tiny needles piercing every pore on my body.  It is not itchy nor is it painful, it's just extremely uncomfortable.  Wearing clothes really bothers my skin, so when I don't have to be out of the house, I am usually a cotton sheet with the arms and head holes cut out.  I often feel like burlap or wool is rubbing against my skin.  My dermatologist said it was probably just my nerves.  Also, my hair started falling out and I've lost about half of my hair.  Thankfully, in the last 2 weeks, my hair has stopped falling out.  I am on Pristique for depression and I also take spirolactone, Synthroid, and Crestor.  Prescription anti-hystimines don't take this pins and needles feeling out of my skin.  I have seen a rheumatologist and I don't have psoriatic psoriasis.  My family doctor has thrown up his hands and said the next step is to send me to a psychiatrist.  Is there any hope for relief for my skin?
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Itchy pins and needles feelings on the skin is a medical condition called paresthesia. Paresthesia is a very strange feeling, and it often causes individuals to worry about the possibility of a serious medical problem. However, itchy pins and needles are very common, and usually nothing to worry about. Paresthesia is due to a problem with nerve signals, whether due to internal problems or external pressure. Most cases appear and disappear spontaneously, or go away once the nerve compression stops.

You should see a Neurologist.
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I have been diagnosed with Grover disease/eczema and have had the awful prickling all over my skin. My hair feels like needles pricking into every pore so lying down is extremely uncomfortable.  Clothes brushing over my skin feel dreadful too.  High doses of vitamin A seems to have fixed it 50,000 units per day and symptoms gone after 10 days. I went off it and symptoms returned but back on capsules and better again. Thank goodness! Probably indicates I had Grover's disease.
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