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how do you keep it under control?

hi i was wondering what you do to keep your psoriasis under control.  I hate to take the cortizone cream as I know its not good for me but im breaking out everywhere.  I was clean while I was pregnant but of course 2 days after I gave birth it came out again, and its worse than ever before.  I need help.
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Try using elocom lotion on the skin flare ups.  I use a combination of elocom and dovobet ointment. I still have psoriasis but it keeps it very much under control.
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Hi, I'm from London UK. I've been using cortisol cream for over 30 years. What else are you supposed to do? I am covered but change in season, stress etc etc  bring it on worse and then suddenly it diminishes of it's own accord. I have been advised to go for light treatment, can't, CFS so can't get there regularly. Multiple allergies so scared of tablets. People on here are saying a med beginning with an e, never heard of it, is supposed to be brilliant.
With all your hormones all over the place and a new baby to care for it's going to break out. I would go back to doc. If he/she advises creams use them for a while just to get the psoriasis stable. It doesn't hurt for a short while and anything's better than the burning and itching, especially if it disturbs sleep when baby's asleep. You need all the rest you can get. Good luck and congratulations on the birth of your baby
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That med is called Enbrel. See other posts
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Hi...Im not sure the original poster will see your response because this thread is over 2 years old. Also...I wanted to mention Clobex spray to you. I suffer from Psoriasis as well and none of the steroid creams helped. I refused Enbrel because it increases the risk of Lymphoma and other things. I use Clobex spray and it has worked wonders!
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