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GI issues and multiple CT scans

I have had recurring abdominal pain starting in my 20s, so I was evaluated with a CT scan, barium fluoroscopy and small bowel series. Flash forward many years later and I have diverticulitis and gallbladder issues, 6 CT scans later (it took two HIDA liver CT scans to confirm gallbladder, and 4 (3 for post diverticulitis pain). After a quiet period, I am now needing another to rule out a diverticular abscess. Now we haven't even factored in the mammograms and sinus CT scans (I figured out that diary and pets increase sinus inflammation and cysts have taken over my sinus), but I went to a site and figured out my exposure.

110 mSv from 33 procedures (14 mammograms alone). The doc says MRI isn't good enough, that I have to do the CT scan again. Needless to say, I'm pretty depressed. This probably only raises my risk from 35 to 37% lifetime risk of cancer, but my grandmother died at age 52 and two aunts (one passed already) have also been diagnosed. Their father died from GI issues (post surgery resection), so you know where I got that from.

Should I insist on MRI? Is it too late to worry at this point? So depressed about my situation.
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