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Should I pay for another head MRI exam?

Hi all,

Firstly, I have never posted on a forum before so please excuse me if I’ve done something wrong.

Three years ago, I was given a MRI of my head. I was then sent to a neurologist as there was a discrepancy on the image. This turned out to be a false flag and the neurologist sent me home with a diagnosis of “stress related migraines.”

Since then, I have not had any symptoms. However, recently I have begun to have similar symptoms to those I had three years ago. My doctor has not examined me physically, due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak. He has said the symptoms I am having are migraines, but I don’t feel as though they are. I’m considering paying for a private MRI of my head as this could be completed within a couple of days.

Long story short, is another MRI of my head really necessary? I’ve not had any head trauma or other illnesses. The symptoms have just reappeared on their own. Like many, I find the symptoms troubling and often think the absolute worst. It’s also worth mentioning that I had a blood test taken back in March, along with a optician appointment. Both of which came back all clear.

Thank you for any feedback and thank you for reading this far. Any replies and advice would be much appreciated.
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There is not information provided, such as what your past and current symptoms are. You just mentioned that the symptoms reappeared. You should discuss with your neurologist, who will determine if further laboratory and/or imaging tests are clinically warranted. In the meantime, this article may be of benefit:

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