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XRAY enterpretation following treatement for pneumonia.

Hi, I am a 62 year old female, who quit smoking in 1979, hospitalized for over a month with aspiration pneumonia. Had acute bronchitis for many years, another episode pneumonia three years after this one. I recently started a new job and for three months was constantly sick with fever, productive cough and general illness. Got XRAY on April 6th which showed the following: Lungs appear Hyperinflated, visible areas of abnormal opacity radiating from the hiliar areas bilaterally into the right middle lobe and left lower lobe. There has develped mild blunting of the right lateral and posterior costophrenic angles consistent with small right pleural effusion. Central pulmonary arteries mildly prominent.  Impression: Bilateral infiltrates, right middle lobe and left lower lobe with small pleural effusion, bilateral pneumonia. Hyperinflation of lungs suggesting obstructive pulmonary disease.         My peak flow at drs day before was 250 ( low)    Repeat XRAY on April 18th is as follows;  The cardiac and mediastinal sillouettes are stable. There is still a streaky density noted in each of the lung bases but it is improving.The pleural effusion seems to have resolved. Biapical scarring is still present. No new infiltrates are noted. Impression: Improved pulmonary aeration. There is still residual streaky density in the right lung base and in the right middle lobe. There may be some traction bronchiectasis in the right middle lobe. One additional follow up is suggested.  Medical providers wishing to discuss this case with the reader, please contact me......(.phone number and hours)                             I was told many years ago that my pneumonia was severe enough to cause scarring, but this was 37 years ago. I would like to know if there is a chance I have obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, or something else.. I was treated with a course of antibiotics and given three different types of inhalers. I still have a very productive cough, very foamy or bubbly and large amounts esp after breathing treatments and in morning and at night, I am still wheezing but feel better then three weeks ago, but still very tired. I appreciate any insights, thank you.
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