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Can anyone here help. VA wants me to have surgery.


There is minimal leftward curvature of the thoracic spine. No acute fracture identified. Schmorl's nodes at multi levels most prominent at T11 level.

At T7-8, there is a moderate disc bulge with central herniation which contacts and the forms the ventral cord. The neuroforamen and central canal appears patent.

At T8-9, there is a moderate disc bulge with right paracentral herniation which contacts and forms the ventral cord. There is encroachment of the right neuroforamen. An annular tear at this level is questioned.

At T 11-12, there is a mild to moderate disc bulge with left paracentral herniation. There is encroachment of the left neuroforamen. The right neuroforamen and central canal or patent.

Multilevel degenerative changes as described above which appears worse at the T8-9 level or there is deformed ventral cord with encroachment to the right neuroforamen.

Primary diagnostic code: significant abnormality, attention needed

Side note....the word neuroforamen is spelled that way throughout the entire report from the VA. I am not sure if that is the correct spelling or the way the report was dictated. At my appointment today, they recommended that I not pick up any objects and come in as soon as possible to be set up for a neurosurgeon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!
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