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Did an unnecessary X-ray and now i am frightened a lot

Hey guys, my worry may sound stupid but i wanted some advice.
I recently turned 20 and i noticed that my "wisdom teeth" were growing. So I went to my dentist(he is one of the top 5 in my country) to discuss with him what to do about it(whether to let them grow or remove them). He told me we had to do a panoramic X-ray to see if they were growing straight or not. In his dental office he has a panoramic machine that he purchased in the last couple of years and he uses it for Panoramic X-rays(It's placed in the middle of his office and when in operation he just stands next to it not wearing any sort of protection. Does this mean the radiation is low?). I had an X-ray.Then 25 days later my parents told the dentist to make a copy of the panoramic image I had on a CD, in order to show the Panoramic X-ray to an oral surgeon to advice us about what to do with my wisdom teeth. When i went there he told me to make another X-ray in order to have a "contrast" of my teeth 25 days later. Foolishly and naively i accepted to have another Panoramic X-ray for my teeth( i think that he asked me to do another X-ray because he lost or didn't save the original image on his computer). So now that you read my worry, am i going crazy here to worry about it and am i exaggerating?? Are there any side-effects? Please i want an answer cause am a person who is stressed all the time.
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Don't worry. That xray is like spending a few hours in the sun.
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Thanks for your reply.
I searched and found out that Panoramic X-ray has the least radiation of all other X-rays but since I took an unnecessary one I was afraid.
And besides that the machine is digital which has a lot less radiation.
So I shouldn't worry at all?
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