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MRI, Cervical/Spine Interpretation in layman's terms

I have had an MRI done and wanted to get an interpretation of the results that I received a copy of. Please let me know what is significant or alarming in your best opinion as well as what is the diagnosis.  Also, are there other possible diagnosis that could come from this and would you think is it wise to continue working in office/clerical/computer type work. The reports is as follows:

HISTORY: Left sided Bell's palsy x 3. Pain level from trigeminal to T7 on the left with right arm weakness in Brown-Sequard fashion. ? multiple sclerosis, syrinx, tumor, sarcoid.

PROTOCOL: Brain scan with axial T1, axial PD T2 fat-saturation. C-spine scan with sagittal Ti and T2 plus axial graded echo.

REPORT: Multiple small nodes are seen in the neck, particularly in the left anterior triangle. These are not large enough to be particularly worrisome. Brain appears normal without evidence of mass, abnormal enhancement, abnormal signal, or abnormal vascularity.

C-spine shows an equivocal focus of increased signal within the cord at C5-6 on the left seen only on one image and therefore more likely artifactual than real. Cord is otherwise of normal size without evidence of mass, Chiari malformation, or a syrinx, etc.

Mild disk degenerative changes are seen in the mid C-spine.

Foramen magnum-C3 is unremarkable.

C4-5 shows a mild broad disk bulge which touches but does not indent the cord and mild disk space narrowing.

C5-6 shows a mild broad disk which touches the cord and may trace indent on the right, and there is probably a very mild narrowing of the right neural foramen of questionable significance.

C6-T1 is unremarkable.

T1.-2 shows a trace disk bulge of doubtful significance.

T2-4 is unremarkable.
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you need to request your MRI on a disk viewable.  This report means nothing.  How do you know the radiologist didnt miss something.  Request the disk. Trust me.
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Thank you very much for response. I will do just that. I would never know if something was missed because it's all foreign language to me. I will ask for the disk and upon receipt of it who should I give it to for answers? My primary care physician or to a radiologist?

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