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questionable tumors at pelvis and around ribs

I had an xray of my pelvis recently because I'm having a dull aching hip pain for a year or two, but it has gotten worse. Also my hips pop and crack daily,,,  Radiologist wrote xray was normal, but I think I see a tumor or two on both sides of my pelvis, the circular dark spots... please let me know what you guys think. Also there is a dark circle top right of xray around my rib cage... : / This site isn't allowing me to add pictures to this post, so i will attach my xray pic as my main profile image...
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The circular dark spots superimposed upon your pelvis and rib cage represent normal overlying bowel gas.
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Thank you much for your feedback. Now I just have to get to bottom of why I'm having so much hip pain and cracking/popping.. ; /
Radiographs are just the initial workup. If your symptoms persist, consider further evaluation with MRI.
Yes, thank you and will do. Pain has been ongoing and getting worse so I'm seeing an orthopedic in 1.5 weeks.
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Amppan, one way to categorize joint problems is in the cause. Some are from "mechanical" injury, for example from too much running or even from one jarring, destructive movement that tears soft tissue where the bones meet.

The other type are called "inflammatory" and they involve the immune system. They include Rheumatoid Arthritis, which causes joint degeneration. But after 1-2 years of pain, even a plain x-ray would have seen degeneration of the joint if any were present. (So says Dr. MacLean, who is a rheumatologist and also current head of the Internists' group.) However, other types of inflammatory arthritis don't cause bone degeneration. I mention all this because in your About Me you include "arthritis throughout spine" and also various inflammatory related problems (even possibly the GERD in someone who is not overweight). I'd think of seeing a rheumatologist about "spondyloarthritis", if the orthopedist focuses merely on the hip alone. This might even relate to the Brunner's, too.
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