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Are my symptoms Naegleria fowleri ?

I have been using tap water to rinse my sinuses, post sinus surgery for chronic severe sinusitis. I even made the mistake of using warm tap water. I have just started to have face and head pain and headaches for the past 2 days. I'm also feeling kinda foggy, I don't know how to explain it. I'm having a hard time focusing. I'm worried that this may be signs of Naegleria fowleri. I'm scared and nervous because of what I have read about how fatal it is. I am a mother of 4 :(
Are these symptoms a sign of it? what else should I look out for?
another thing that I'm not sure if its related is that I was having major congestion and pressure deep in my sinuses and that cleared up right when I got the headaches and face pain.

Thank you for reading and taking time
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The chances of getting struck by lightening are more than getting this,in a population.
Quit worrying and get your tension headache treated! Do consult your doc.
Best wishes.
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Thank you, I'm glad to know the chances are slim. I'm still worried because I don't usually get headaches and this has been constant pain on my head and face pain and feeling foggy with an overall feeling of being out of it.
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Guess that is what tension head ache is all about! Cheers!
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I have read this from a site after also being worried about myself having it. 'Males are affected 3 times more frequently than females,15 probably reflecting a greater exposure risk rather than a true gender predisposition to infection. The probability of contracting Naegleria, once exposed to it, is estimated at 1 in 100 million exposures (Dr. Steve Tidwell, Texas Natural Resources and Conservation Commission Faculty, Austin, Tex.: personal communication, 1995 Aug 10). Once contracted, PAM is almost uniformly fatal, with only 10 survivors currently reported in the medical literature.8,16-24 One French study25 extrapolated the risk of contracting PAM after swimming once in water containing an ameba concentration of 10 per liter as being approximately 8.5 ×10-8.'

Pretty much, even if you had contact with Naegleria Fowleri in your nose, the chances of actually getting the disease (Primary Amoebic Meningloencephalitis) is 1 in 100 million. That made me worry a bit less, so maybe it will help you too.
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maybe another kind of parasite?
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