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Cant pee anymore RARE DISEASES

I cant pee anymore. I cant think, jst sleep. Hospital injected seroquil, & predizone, 1 month ago, n been really sick since then. Plus i got cateracts from  my cluster headaches. Is this NMS?
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Hi Doctor Santos.I wanted to thank you for your concerns. I am currently takimg Rapaflo. I do not know why the first hospital did not give me a prescription for it? They did give me 1 of those things they put in ur penis, so ur pee goes in a bag. I had that for close to 2 weeks, & found an urolist, at a different hospital. I am happy that she removed this devise. Unfortunately an eye doctor told me i would probably have to be on this medicine the rest of my life? I am glad you wrote me, cas the past week my kidneys have been unbearable to the point of close to paralis! It hurts just to get out of bed, & sometimes it even wakes me up! (at first i thought it was my back bothering me, cas i broke it 40 years ago), but i now figured out it is my kidneys. Fortunately, i go back to the good urolist this Monday. I currently am on methadone, 4x a day, but that doesnt seem to be helping to much? I use to be on a fentenol patch for many years, for my back, & heart problems, but when i moved they took me off of that stuff. Then an act of God, happenned, & a doctor put me on Suboxine.(from a state next to my state) Well, after many complaints to different agencies, they found me a local doctor who put me on the methadone. Well, i let myself run out, because my daughter could not take me to my appointment, so i did a left over suboxine. I got really sick, & couldnt pee again, & ended up in the hospital, cas i could not put up with what was going through my body. It was like an epileptic shock, or something? Just the other day, i was reading the phampflet on the sub., & i noticed it said , do not take if you have a urinary problem, due to an enlarge prostate! I cant get over this! I was perfect just 2 months ago, until that other hospital, injected some predizone, & a SEQU? Later, another hospital started me on abilify, & that really messed up my cluster headaches! I was acting like i had distonia! I stopped taking that medicine! I dont have a clue why they put me on that crap? My discharge papers, said DNR!, & then an inturn, slipped in a PHQ 9, symptom checklist! That is how i found out about NMS. If i dont have that, then i might had had a brain anourism, cas twice in my sleep, blood came out of my eyes, & nose(right side). I didnt think much of it, till my brother said it looked like blood?!! I do know, i ended up with cateracts, & my kidneys are killing me. I did think i was dieing, thats why i did a living trust, & 1 of those other, health wills! I know this sounds hard to believe. How could so many different health care proffesionals mess up? I do have a bad spychietrist, for my ADHA. Thank you.
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How are you? If there is difficulty in urinating, further evaluation by your attending physician should be done to rule out kidney issues and other medical conditions associated with your diagnosis. As mentioned from the other post, to rule out NMS, additional tests such as blood tests and direct clinical examination are important. Take care always.
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