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My son (14) has recurrent croup with a barky cough, neck swelling and loose stools off and on throughout the infection.  He gets these episodes 6-7 times a year and takes oral steroids.  He was also born with low immunity (low IgG\low IgA\low response to pneumococcal and tetanus (pneumococcal serotypes are practically non-existent at the moment).  IgM and IgE are fine.  Diphtheria antibodies vacillate between 0.30 and 0.43.  

He had a Pneumovax-23 vaccine boost five years ago (and we're back to almost zilch protective antibody wise).  He's having his second Pneumovax-23 vaccine boost tomorrow.  He had very high anti-TPOab levels during his last episode (>1300) though his thyroid function and flow are normal.  

Our most recent culture of his nose turned up Corynebacterium species as well (truthfully, this is the first nasal culture we've had in a very long time).  The lab did not culture the sample to find out which species.  Since my son has recurrent croup with neck swelling (endocrinology says thyroid size and function are fine), and something from the Corynebacterium family in his nose....I was thinking that a proactive treatment would be a no brainer even in the absence of a positive gram stain for D.  No so much:  docs think that surely the lab would have specific said....the D word...if that's what it really was.  

So....currently, everything is on hold for more than six weeks:  getting the Pneumovax-23 then waiting six weeks for post-titres.  *Then* Immunology will call us for an appointment..maybe in November.  Meanwhile....*something* is causing one heck of an attack on my son's thyroid\antibodies....and growing strep pneumonia *and* Corynebacterium in his nose.  He's currently out of school, again, with no word on home bound services.  

What are the chances that the Corynebacterium was a one time fluke....or is there a chance it has been lurking?

Since Endocrinology thinks his thyroid function is fine for now (wants to watch it 2 times a year as he's in a high risk group for hypothyroidism...or is it hyperthyroidism) would whatever is causing those enormous anti-TPOab levels connected to his low IgG\IgA?

I would appreciate some guidance as for now, doctors are hearing hoof beats and expecting horses, not zebras.  

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