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Fever of Unknown Origin

I've had a low-grade Fever of Unknown origin for 7 weeks as I write this, with extreme exhaustion. I have been through extensive testing and had many things ruled out, like Mono, Lyme, UTIs, tumors. I've had CT Scan of abdominal area, Blood Cultures, Urine cultures, Chest X-ray. I tried a week of Cipro as I was sure I had a UTI (my fever started the day after sex), and my pain went away but my fever and fatigue remain.

I am seeing an Infectious Disease Doctor in 4 weeks. But in the meantime my "fever" runs between normal (98) and 100.5 every day and my exhaustion is making it almost impossible to lead a normal life.

My GYN has suggested Estrogen as my FSH is 66 (post-menopausal). However I can't find evidence that low estrogen causes fever? I am also wondering about psychogenic fevers - is it possible that chronic stress/anxiety can cause this? thank you everyone who shares information. Namaste.
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have you been tested on rare infective diseases? (for example trench fever, Rickettsioses, Malaria ect.).
Has acute intermittent porphyria been tested?
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