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I have random flushing episodes on my face, ears, chest, and upper arms, etc?

I'm 22 female and a college student. For approximately 6 years I have suffered from TMJD, which got worse about 4 years ago. Around two years after my jaw got worse, I also started getting migraines with aura, these strange episodes where I felt like I was in a fog, and warm flushing of the face, ears, chest, and upper arms. I have been trying to find answers for a long, long time. Not much has come up until not too long ago.
Not long ago, I managed to get referred to a maxillofacial surgeon, and he and I decided it'd be best to get a CT of my jaw joints along with a RA blood panel. The CT scan concluded that I had severe degenerative joint disease in both jaw joints, and he offered to paths of action, either an arthrocentesis flush of the joint or joint replacement surgery. He said any other possible surgery would harm me more than help. He also told me to keep an eye on any other joints to make sure they also do not start hurting. Nothing super abnormal came out of the RA blood tests except for a slightly high sedimentation rate test.

I ended up getting the arthrocentesis done. I'm not ready, and scared to commit to a new jaw. The surgery seems to have helped a bit with my range of motion and pain.

I recently switched my primary doctor, and in the middle of our appointment I got a flushing episode, and she was baffled, taking pictures before my skin turned back to normal. She also diagnosed me with Reynaud's, and I have been referred to a rhuematologist. I am waiting to see him at the end of the week.
I already have problems as is, and I just don't know what to make of my symptoms anymore. Severe TMJD, Migraines, skin flushing, sickly foggy episodes, and Reynaud's... I know TMJD like mine is considered co-morbid, meaning, if you have one, it might have a friend hanging out too. But is there more to it? I'm at such a loss.
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